101 Therapy Interventions

Watch the video below and take a peep inside the 101 Therapy Interventions app you too can have on your smartphone or tablet.

Just Sell It Susan! Nope!

Lot’s of people ask me ‘Susan why don’t you just sell your 101 Therapy Interventions online course? Thousands of hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, counsellors and complementary therapists would buy it?’ The reason I don’t sell it is simple. 

It’s a gift to my students and graduates

It’s my way of doing a few things:

  1. Thanking You.  Thanks for putting your trust in me and choosing to learn hypnotherapy with me.
  2. Convincing You… That hypnotising someone is simple.  Anyone can do it after taking a few classes. But the genius and magic happens when you have the right intervention at the right time for the right client.
  3. Supporting You.  As you know my mission statement is to help coaches and therapists just like you to Be the Best.  Have the Best and Give Your Best.  How can you be the best and give your best if you don’t have the best? So I took 101 of the best interventions from strategic hypnotherapy, happiness research, positive psychology, NLP, REBT, trauma informed practice, CBT and Gestalt Therapy and put them all in an app that you can keep on your phone.
  4. Growing By Giving.  Years ago I decided to run what I call a ‘heart-centred business’ as opposed to a profit-centred business and I’ve never looked back.  I grow by giving so you can be the best, have the best and give your best.  
  5. Future proofing your skills.  I want to make sure that when you invest in the Triple Diploma course that you get a LOT more than what you paid for.  I want to make sure that your future self – the great coach and therapist you will become benefits from the decisions you make today.  So I’ve put lots of resources into 101 Therapy Interventions – so that in years to come you are STILL reaping the rewards of learning hypnotherapy with me.  You know when you take a course, we forget upto 85% of what we learn.  I minimise this risk for you.

Watch the video while I walk you through the 101 Therapy Interventions. Then if you want to sign up for the Triple Diploma course and grab this and a number of other amazing free bonuses – all you have to do is to click on the blue button below.