22 Reasons to Learn Hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace

If you’re thinking of taking a diploma course in hypnotherapy, then here are 22 reasons to learn hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace at Hypnotherapy Business Academy. The 22 reasons came from graduates when asked about the benefits of learning hypnotherapy with Susan. You can read more about our graduates and their careers in this post. Ok, let’s get started!

What Happens In Class

#1. You’ll earn three fully accredited Diplomas.  A Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, a Diploma in Mind Coaching and a Diploma in Online Therapy.

#2. You won’t have to do any assignments – everything is done during our time together in class and online. This means no homework!

#3. No previous experience required – Susan’s advanced teaching style means no student gets left behind. You’ll be well able to keep up even if you haven’t studied in ages or if you’ve done too much!

#4. You’ll learn the most effective solutions focused hypnotherapy. This is supported by great interventions from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy and much, much more. This means your therapy skills will be completely up-to-date.

#5. You’ll be able to get public liability and professional indemnity insurance with our group scheme with Balens Insurance. Plus we can arrange international insurance if you plan to travel.

#6. Our 10 Saturdays training format means that you don’t need to book overnight accommodation. You’ll be back in your own bed on Saturday night.

Learn hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace

How Learning Hypnotherapy Supports You

#7. Earning an income from your developing therapy skills while you learn is encouraged. Earning just €150 per month will enable you to meet the costs of training. Susan will show you how to start earning an income from module 3 onwards.

#8. Improved memory and recall.  All learning outcomes are recorded as self-hypnosis sessions so you can learn through trance.

#9. Our 30 online lessons will build your confidence with clients. They will also help you find new client segments, build online products and create new income streams.

#10. Lifetime access to videos, mp3s, client handouts and scripts in our every expanding online student library.

#11. Professionally produced and academically researched course manuals because you deserve the best.

#12. Susan will share her practice management systems so you can reduce the time you spend on boring admin and marketing.

#13. Individual support to help you launch or grow your therapy practice or achieve your personal goals.

Stuff No Other School Offers

#14. You’ll learn the Breakthrough to success formula used by Tony Robbins. This will greatly enhance your workshops, seminars and online courses.

#15. Trance-free hypnotherapy model will put ambivalent clients at ease. This also helps to take the pressure off you to ‘put people under’.

#16. Rapid relaxation training and rapid energisation training will help clients access their best mindset.

#17. Direct communication policy means it’s easy to speak to Susan when you need support. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

#18. Our Active What’s App student group will help you build great friendship, take advantage of networking opportunities and it will keep you connected to our amazing community of therapists.

#19. Strategic pricing means fair pricing for everyone. Everyone pays the same price.

#20. You’ll get lifetime access to 101 Therapy Interventions for Busy Therapists. You’ll be able to access them 24/7 on your smartphone or tablet. Susan will show you how.

#21. When you graduate you’ll already have worked with fee-paid clients (if that’s what your goal). Plus Susan will help make sure your therapy practice will be up and running.

#22. When your therapy business takes off, you can take advantage of affordable, optional supervision with our fully qualified IACP registered psychotherapists. Supervision sessions by Skype or in-person are a great way to help you manage a busy case-load.

One Last Benefit >> Great Live Demonstrations >> Watch One Now!

When you choose to learn hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace, you also get to watch live therapy sessions in class. Here’s one with a graduate also called Susan. Susan presented with a fear of driving. Susan is now a fully qualified hypnotherapist and specialises in phobia removal.

Not only will you watch great hypnotherapy sessions but you’ll also get plenty of time to practice your skills.

Contact Susan Direct

If you’d like to speak to Susan direct, call or text her on 086 343 2992.