Watch the short training to discover the three things that stop most people from training to be a hypnotherapist. They were the same three problems I faced when I first became interested in becoming a therapist back in 1995 and they are even more relevant today. So it struck me as kind of strange that most hypnotherapy training institutions ignore the blocks that stop people from realising their dreams – so I decided to do something about it and create simple solutions.

Use Common Sense To Guide The Decision Making Process

I believe that common sense should guide you when you are choosing a hypnotherapy course and you’ve got to be 100% certain that the trainer is the right one for you. There are some amazing hypnotherapy trainers that work in the online space. But If you cannot pick up the phone and have a conversation with them – then don’t book! You’ll need support and mentoring every step of the way and it’s nice to know that there is someone out there who will look out for you and share your successes (and occasional failure) as you strive to build your own successful hypnotherapy practice.

Watch the Start and Grow a Successful Coaching and Therapy Business in Three Easy Steps Master Class

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How to create Client Packages worth €250 and €550
  • Why I encourage all my students to ‘Test the Results’
  • The Easy Way to Build a Successful Practice even if you have limited Time, Money and Experience