30 Hypnotherapy Lessons Included In Your Hypnotherapy Training

As part of your Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy training you are invited to join me Live Online every month for 30 hypnotherapy lessons, Q&A and hypnotherapy training support.

You will enjoy 30 short live online Hypnotherapy lessons, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy Lessons on topics that many other hypnotherapy training schools fail to teach.

When: First Monday and First Wednesday of every month during your Triple Diploma training.

Time: 6pm to 7pm.

Location: Our Virtual Classroom on Zoom

I’ll share a 30 minutes lecture, or ‘over my shoulder video of how to do something’. See the list below for guidelines on these topics. We then spend the final 30 minutes on Q&A. This can be on what we have covered, or on what you want to know more about. For example, strategies to help you with your current clients or case studies, building a successful therapy practice or setting up your professional practice.  You decide what we cover in the second half of each lesson.

Can’t Attend a Lesson? Don’t worry. Each lesson will be recorded for you and uploaded to the student area. Here’s what you will learn in the 30 minute lectures.

Hypnotherapy Lessons to Develop Your Skills As a Coach and Therapist

  1. The Structure of a Great Therapy Session
  2. 10 Mistakes Most Trainee Hypnotherapists Make and Exactly How To Avoid Them!
  3. How To Get Therapy Off To a Great Start With a New Client
  4. How To Work With Family and Close Friends
  5. Become Clear and Focused:  Creating Your Professional Therapy Identity
  6. The Structure of a Great Follow Up Session
  7. Setting Up Your Practice Professionally (Even If You Are Part Time)
  8. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Confidence
  9. Your Solutions Focused Framework
  10. Meeting Your Legal Obligations – Forms, Privacy, Consent & GDPR
    Watch over my shoulder while I show you how to set everything up quickly and efficiently

Getting Clients and Building a Client Centred Coaching and Therapy Practice

  1. Student Insurance, Student Membership of the GHR and Voluntary Supervision
  2. How To Work With Paid Clients Even If You Have No Time, Money or Experience
  3. Creating mp3 (audio recordings) For Your Clients
  4. Finding Clients On Social Media – How To Create Great Posts Simply and Easily
  5. Get On Google Maps – It Won’t Cost You Anything
  6. Exactly What To Say and Do If Your Client Has a Set-Back and Your Hypnotic Contract
  7. The Professional Way To Book Clients and Ask For a Fee
  8. The Eyes Have It!  The Significance of Eye Movements In Hypnotherapy
  9. Working With Children and the Children First Law
  10. Graduating With Your Prosperity Plan to Build a Successful Coaching and Therapy Practice

Deep Dive: Insights Into Working Deeply with the 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists

  1. Unlocking Potential With The Three Master Keys
  2. Breakthrough Fear And Anxiety
  3. Regression Hypnotherapy – Finishing the Unfinished Business of the Past
  4. The Process of Testing Therapy to Obtain Great Results
  5. End Self Sabotage And Resolve Your Inner Conflict
  6. 30 Great Mind Coaching Tools You Have Learnt and When To Use Them
  7. Working With Phobias – Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask
  8. The Online Therapy Master Class – Everything You Need To Know, Do and Have Before Getting Started
  9. Working with Pain Control, Psychosomatic Illnesses and Medical Conditions
  10. Working With Clients Under the Care of a Medical Professional, When To Refer and How To Refer

These Online Hypnotherapy Lessons are exclusively available to students on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course.

If you’d like to book your place or speak directly to Susan call or Whats App her on 086 3432992.