Assessment Procedures – Becoming a Professional, Fully Trained, Fully Accredited and Fully Insured Hypnotherapist

Thank you for booking your place on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy.

This course consists of 120 hours of live, interactive classroom based training. Post pandemic the General Hypnotherapy Register continue to allow those hours to be complete live in the online environment or live in a physical classroom.

However if you wish to obtain pre-approval for membership of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council you must complete your 120 hours in a physical classroom. This trial basis continues for the rest of 2023. Whilst this seems to fall short of the The Employment Equality Acts 1998 – 2015 (Ireland) and the The Equality Act 2010 (UK), we hope that positive pressure on the CNHC and other associations will ensure that students with medical reasons for not attending in person will receive pre-approval for the CNHC whilst attending and being fully present online.

Core Curriculum

The curriculum that underpins your training achieve the learning outcomes and is fully compliant to the National Occupational Standards as detailed in the CNHC Core Curriculum (2017) and Skills for Health. The orientation for this course is from a Cognitive Behavioural Background and it is evidence-based in all respects. Our source materials are referenced at the back of your course manuals. You can view the specific learning outcomes on this infographic called the Seven Skills of a Confident and Competent Hypnotherapist < here >.

Whilst the course consists of 120 hours of live training, you are also expected to complete an additional 350 hours of self-study and self-reflection work. To assist you achieve these additional hours, Hypnotherapy Business Academy provide you with the following resources as part of your training.

  • Access to the Online Learning Library where you’ll find 250 hours of video demonstrations, lectures, pre recorded videos and recordings of sessions from previous years.
  • You are given two years access to the hub after completion of your training to ensure you continue to absorb and develop your skills and delivery of hypnotherapy to clients.
  • 101 Therapy Interventions for Busy Coaches, Therapists and Healers app with approx 5 hours of content.
  • Two professionally produced course manuals for use with self study.
  • Other ways to complete your necessary 330 hours are included in the Time Sheet document < here > and also on the GHR website < here > clicking automatically downloads the pack to your computer.

Taking Care Of You During Your Hypnotherapy Training Experience

As a training organisation we are fully compliant with our responsibilities under Health and Safety Law, provision of Equal Opportunities, your data protection under GDPR and your right to complain and appeal against any decisions we make from your complaint. All of our policies in this regard can be viewed < here >

Assessment and Exam Requirements

Assessment is conducted on a continuous assessment basis. This means that you will be informally assessed during each live training module. When you are working with other students your teacher will be observing your work. This applies to both students in person and those who are working in breakout rooms online.

We have a policy to ensure that no students falls behind. This is part of our broader Equal Opportunities process. We recognise that all students have their own unique learning style and their diversity in how each person learns is accomodated in our physical classroom and our online classroom.

Training to become a hypnotherapist means that you are taking on a leadership role in your community. Regularly during training you will be asked to explain concepts as you would to a new client or an existing client. Different scenarios are played out by your teacher and you and your colleagues will be invited to analyse them and discuss them from the perspective of our learning outcomes detailed visually in the Seven Skills of a Confident and Competent Hypnotherapist < here >.

Final Exam and Assessed Hypnotherapy Session

Please click < here > and read the requirements for the Final Exam and what’s involved in the two parts of it.