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You are warmly invited to become a hypnotherapist and join Susan Wallace this October on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course.  There are many benefits to taking this professional hypnotherapy training course.  For example:

Training is straightforward and simple.  It consists of 15 Saturdays in Dublin or in our Online classroom if you are an international student.  If you decide to travel to Dublin there is no need to book expensive accommodation.
You will have 24 months access to the Client Learning Centre with over 350 hours of training resources to support you as you build your professional practice.  This is one of the most cost effective ways to learn hypnotherapy and to become a confident hypnotherapist.
You will graduate within a six month time frame, not just as a Hypnotherapist, but also as a Mind Coach and an Online Therapist. This is the best way to future proof your skills.
You will earn three diplomas without having to do three times the work.  The reason for this is because you will be delivering the same set of skills in three different ways - as Hypnotherapy, as Mind Coaching and as Online Therapy.
You will graduate as a fully qualified, fully insured, fee-paid hypnotherapist pre-approved for membership of professional bodies.
Become a Hypnotherapist.  You will learn how to use hypnotherapy to rapidly transform lives by using highly effective regression, parts therapy, inner child and NLP techniques.
Become a Mind Coach.  You’ll be able to teach your clients how to do the work.  You’ll empower them to take greater responsibility for their own health, happiness and well-being.  You’ll be able to share all the handouts and exercises you’ll learn on the Triple Diploma.  This will empower you to be more than a therapist – you will become an educator and a coach.  
Become an Online Therapist you’ll have the option of working with clients remotely.  You’ll be able to support clients who cannot travel to see you, clients from abroad, clients who have family members to take care of.  You will have the skills to ensure you can work from home or to take a long over due trip abroad and still be able to support your clients and earn your income.
You will be qualified and insured to work with clients in person, in groups and online. The flexibility you’ll gain will ensure you future proof your career.  No matter where life takes you, you’ll be able to work with clients however it suits you.  You’ll be able to work with them in person, or invite them to groups, seminars and workshops and you’ll be able to work with them individually online or by creating great online courses, seminars and workshops.

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Become a hypnotherapist with Susan Wallace and earn three diplomas on one great hypnotherapy course.  Learn how to rapidly transform lives and build a business you will love! Become fully qualified, fully insured and fully booked by investing in Europe's most flexible, affordable and comprehensive hypnotherapy training course.  If you want to become a hypnotherapist in the UK, Europe, South Africa or in the USA  then you can join Susan live online for all dates show above.

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Choosing The Right Hypnotherapy Training

Personal Connection with Hypnotherapy TeachersBefore committing to hypnotherapy training, it is crucial to have direct communication with the tutor. This ensures that the trainer understands your specific needs and goals, and you can evaluate their passion, commitment, and suitability to teach you.

Value of Quality Training
Investing in hypnotherapy courses involves more than paying fees; it requires dedication of time and effort. Therefore, high-quality hypnotherapy training is essential, which not only includes comprehensive course material but also offers practical demonstrations and fosters a genuine connection between the student and the tutor.

The Importance of Relationship Building
The core of hypnotherapy training is learning to build professional relationships. This begins with the initial contact with the tutor and extends to creating therapeutic relationships with clients. Authentic connection and rapport are key to maintaining enthusiasm and feeling valued in the learning process.

These video highlights the importance of interacting with the tutor before enrolling in any hypnotherapy courses.  It explains the importance of getting first hand experience of what hypnotherapy feels like and the profound nature of transformation it delivers.  , Hypnotherapy training should provide you with a felt experience.