Brand Guidelines for Graduates, Friends and Associates of Hypnotherapy Business Academy ( and Results Academy (

Graduate Qualifications

When you graduate you’ll have the following letters after your name. Please use either open or closed punctuation.

R. C. Hyp., Dip. Hyp., Mind Coach
R C Hyp, Dip Hyp, Mind Coach

Registered Certified Hypnotherapist, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coach

Displaying Your Qualifications on Your Website and Printed Media

Best practice guidelines on the self-regulation of CAM therapy, encourages all graduates to clearly demonstrate where they received their training. 

The following images at the following URLs can be used by all Graduates from Hypnotherapy Business Academy and our Accrediting Body Results Academy.

Click on the image to save and download it. Use it on your website with a backlink to
Use it on your business card, brochures and client materials also.

Link Back to Hypnotherapy Business Academy website

Please ask your web developer to make sure the images link back

Backlinks are very important to improve the visibility of your website. We regularly check what websites are linked to us and when we see you have linked we will reciprocate and link back to yours to improve your visibility in Google search results.

Any deviation from the above images should be approved by us before publishing online or printing offline.

Please do not use our logo alongside any of your own images on printed materials or online without Susan’s express consent.

Benefits of Displaying Your Credentials

1.  It confirms you have been trained to the correct standard and have been taught from an evidence-based curriculum.

2. It demonstrates to medical professionals including referring doctors, dentists, psychiatrists and psychologists you are part of the regulated community of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Providers.

3.  Backlinks will help to dramatically improve your rankings with search engines such as Google so you will move more quickly up towards page one.  Furthermore, we have a policy of reciprocal linking.  If you link to our websites then we link back to yours.  We are proud of the fact that our Irish website has dominated Google Page One, Position One for ten years solid. Getting a backlink from us drastically increases your own website authority

4.  You are confirming that you are part of a growing network of professional hypnotherapists and mind coaches who are conscious and organised in their mission to elevate their profession.