Buffer Against Depression with Positive Psychology Course

Saturday and Sunday 14 and 15 May 2022

Teach your clients simple but highly effective Mind Coaching skills from Positive Psychology.
Help them meet the challenges of living with confidence, optimism and hope

buffer against depression with Positive Psychology course with Susan Wallace

Here's what you will instantly be able to add to your practice...

The three questions to ask to help your clients keep depression at bay
The power of expressive writing and also when expressive writing can make things worse
11 highly effective Mind Coaching exercises from Positive Psychology that you can teach your clients today
How to use these exercises to make your online and live workshops, presentations and short courses highly effective, engaging and interesting.
How to use discover and deploy Positive Psychology Signature Strengths to help you and your clients push through limitations and seize opportunities.
Understand Affective Forecasting and the Hedonic Treadmill and how it can influence therapeutic results.

add positive psychology mind coaching skills to your client services today

Pay €195 to access this module on the Triple Diploma course.  

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