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The aim of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide to what a few of our graduates are doing with their diploma in hypnotherapy and mind coaching skills and how they are building a lifestyle friendly therapy business.

Let’s take a closer look at what some of our most recent graduates are dong.

What Some of Our Other Graduates Are Doing

Some therapists choose to allow their own creativity to flourish. They will want to develop their own system and their own approaches and offer a more tailored approach to therapy.

Lee Cozens | Champions Mind Set Academy

Lee Cozens from Champions Mind Set Academy is a great example of an independent brand that is working in a specialised area. Lee like all the therapy busiensses featured on this page is a graduate from our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching course. Lee specialises in Sports Mind Coaching and Performance and is the go-to-guy for ambitious sports professionals all over Ireland.

Lee Cozens, Sports Mind Coach and Owner of the Champion Mindset Academy Brand

Imelda McNally | Portlaoise Holistic Centre

Some therapists such as Imelda McNally in the Portlaoise Holistic Centre have also developed an enterprise centre for local therapists under the Portlaoise Holistic Centre brand.

Imelda as well as studying hypnotherapy to diploma level with us here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy is also a Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Life & Soul coach, Energy Medicine Therapist and Guided Meditation designer and facilitator. So Imelda feels comfortable and confident working with a wide range of client challenges and can quickly figure out what therapy is best for each client at each step along the way.

Imelda knows everyone is different and each person is attracted to the therapist that feels right for them, so Imelda also provides a professional space for a variety of therapists offering a wide range of holistic services. They all work independently within her clinic and under her brand.

Mari Gregan | Weight Off Your Mind

Mari is also an independent therapist with a busy practice down in Gorey and in the Dublin Wellness Centre, on South William Street in Dublin.

Mari enjoys working in multiple locations and choosing her own hours. She chooses to work independently because it gives her greater freedom and flexibility to fit clients around her busy home life routine.

mari gregan natural eater weight loss course

Mari recently launched her own online weight loss course called Natural Eater. This is a six week programme that helps her clients to return to their natural way of eating and break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting and fad diets. There are great benefits of having an online therapy course for both Mari and her clients. It gives Mari the flexibility to take time off when she needs it – knowing she can still take care of her clients even if she is away.

Her clients get to experience top quality therapy from the convenience of their phone and can drop into a hypnotic state with Mari any time they need a top up or a motivational boost.

Lisa Smith Everett | Waterford/Kilkenny Holistic News/Events & Workshops

Lisa Smith Everett is a holistic therapist, hypnotherapist and spiritual healer and owner of Dove Cottage brand and moderator on the Waterford/Kilkenny Holistic News/Events & Workshops Facebook group.

As well as providing a range of therapies to clients, Lisa also support her local community of therapists in the Waterford and Kilkenny area.

Kevin Hennessy CBT, Mental Health & Wellness Clinic

Kevin Hennessy (another graduate) runs the Kilkenny Mental Health and Wellness Clinic. Kevin goes to show once again the power of one. What one person can do to change the lives of many. I’m not sure if Kevin has a website and he certainly doesn’t need one because he is so active and engaging on Facebook with nearly 8,000 followers.

Liam Cannon | New Dawn Counselling

Liam is located up at the other end of the country and run a very busy counselling practice in Letterkenny. Liam has integrated hypnotherapy into his services so that his clients have the ‘option’ of hypnotherapy alongside his regular counselling services.

Liam Cannon is one of our two graduate supervisors. Both Liam and Denis O’Connor have a B.Sc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Post Grad Diploma in Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and an MA in cross Professional Supervision.

Supervision is available for all our graduates with our two highly experienced and fully qualified supervisors.

Read more about our supervision services on our UK website and scroll to the end if you are a graduate wishing to engage Denis or Liam for a block of three sessions of supervision.

Mia Sera Therapeutic Coaching

Meet Mia. Mia is also studying hypnotherapy and mind coaching with us here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy. Mia has a lot of therapy skills in yoga, havenings technique and also (of course) hypnotherapy and mind coaching. Mia has built a considerable audience for her insightful and personal videos that draws a lot of affluent and successful women towards her services. You can watch Mia in action on her Facebook page here.

Jim Sheehy | Really Human ‘Vulnerable and Strong

Watch out for Jim’s Free Online Course for Teenage Boys

Jim Sheehy is a well known counsellor in Donegal who is was a school teacher who became a psychotherapist. Jim is now currently enrolled on our double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. What makes Jim’s approach so unique is that he has taken an on-going medical condition and, rather than let it get the better of him, he works with it and uses it rather than allowing it to dictate terms.

Let me explain. Jim has created a website and a brand called Really Human – Vulnerable and Strong. He is using this platform as a way to engage a wide audience but in particular teenage boys and give them the life skills they need to become ‘vulnerable and strong men’.

Although the website is brand new, Jim isn’t. He is pouring a lifetime of knowledge, understanding and experiences working with kids into his new online programme. It’s not released yet, but if you, like me, have a teenage boy in your house, this will be one course to watch out for. Oh and did I mention the course will be free?

Beth Kuria | Introspective Hypnosis

Beth is another new entrant into the market with her brand Introspective Hypnosis. But Beth takes everything in her stride and has hit the ground running.

Beth has a gift for providing Past Life Regression experiences in a group setting and what’s great about that is that she also provides therapeutic benefit from the regression with each individual in the group. Beth has a deep knowledge and understanding of our ancient Celtic landscape and natural energy fields, megaliths and ancient practices that put past life experiences into context.

So What’s Next For You?

I hope this article has given you a true sense of how many options there are and what you can achieve by learning hypnotherapy.

You know it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out and you don’t have any experience whatsoever or if you are an experienced professional therapist looking to build a lifestyle friendly therapy practice that works for you! There are lots of options available to you.