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Watch the Pre-training Master Class on Process Focused Hypnotherapy v Content Focused Therapy

Watch the pre-training Master Class on the difference between working with content and working with the process.

Join the Coach The People You Love course for just €9.99

The Coach The People You Love course will show you the step-by-step process to use Process Focused Hypnotherapy to help the people you love (and your clients if you are a therapist) to make positive, long-lasting changes.

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Susan Wallace

Process Focused Hypnotherapy v Content Focused Therapy

When our clients come to us for therapy, we ask ourselves…

What do we want them to focus on – and why?

No matter what form of counselling, psychotherapy, complementary therapy, coaching or healing you offer – it comes down to a choice.

Choice number 1: Focus on the Content

Are you going to focus on the CONTENT of the problem? The content is the story, or the narrative your clients bring. They describe what has happened to them or what is happening to them. Without doubt, you’ll endeavour to get the following:

  • A descriptive overview of the historical timeline of their problem
  • A descritpion of their symptoms and
  • Their subjective experience.

At this level of mind, there are many different modalities you could use to approach their problem. Depending on your training, your preferences, the kind of problem and the content of that narrative, you might think it’s best to explore one of the following:

  • The need for approval and acceptance
  • Early attachment injuries
  • Track the fear / anxiety / limiting belief back to the initial sensitising event
  • Heal their inner child
  • Use Regression to help them put the past behind them
  • Explore rejection issues from past important relationships
  • Deal with ongoing anger issues, frustration and other limiting emotional expressions
  • Examine cognitive distortions and help untwist their thinking
  • Use Gestalt or Parts Therapy to better understand and resolve unconscious inner conflict
  • You might use Choice theory, acceptance and commitment, schema therapy, EMDR – there is so much you could do and each of these excellent approaches would shine a light on a particular facet of the presenting problem.

Choice 2: Focus on the Process

Focusing on the content of the problem is all well and good, but there is another way – a better way. A way to make remarkable progress very quickly – a way that will build therapeutic belief and positive expectancy in your clients, a way that will empower them and help them to access and use unconscious resources. These things will happen when you shift the focus away from the CONTENT of the problem and focus instead on the PROCESS of the problem.

I Do Things Differently Than The Other Mainstream Hypnotherapy Training Schools

The process focused hypnosis I teach is grounded in best practice. It is the approach recommended by psychologists and thought leaders such as Rossi, Erickson and Yapko. It is grounded in evidence base hypnotherapy. It is highly effective because it gets underneath the content and focuses on how our clients unconsciously create their symptoms.

The process focused hypnosis I teach examines the building blocks of their experience. We help them to fully understand exactly HOW they generate their problem and what experiences, internal processes and external experiences trigger it.

Our process focused questions help us to discover the series of steps that a person takes to produce their specific problem.

So that if we followed the same steps that we too would end up with the same problem.

Follow the process and the result will always be the same…

If you know anything about NLP you’ll know that Neuro Linguistic Programming uses the same approach when studying human excellence. They study people who have achieved a very high standard of performance and model the building blocks of their experience so others can learn the step-by step process to achieve excellence also.

In process focused hypnosis we do this with the building blocks of our client’s problem. We carefully help them to understand HOW the problem is created and maintained by their thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions and their beliefs. We help them to understand that as long as they think, feel and act this way – they will get the same predictable results.

Work With The Building Blocks of Experience

By working with the building blocks of their lived experience we get to the felt source of their experience. We examine what is happening in their body through their feelings and behaviours and help them to tune in to what is happening in their brain through their thinking (cognitions) and their beliefs. We help them to tune into how they are responding and reacting to people, events and experiences in the world around them.

If you help your clients move away from the CONTENT of their problem – their story – and focus on the PROCESS – the way the symptoms show up in their mind, body and their life – and if you do this FIRST – soon you’ll discover that all the other amazing things you have learnt – will become more potent, more useful and effective.

I have a saying I share with all my students and my graduates and it goes like this…


I teach process focused hypnosis on the Triple Diploma course. But if you would like to complete a primer in Process Focused Hypnotherapy, then purchase my book and join me live online for some process focused hypnosis training.

Join me On Coach The People You Love course for just €9.99

Coach The People You Love will teach you the step-by-step structure to help your clients focus on the process so they can make great strides forward in therapy with you.

When the person you are working with is crystal clear on what the problem is and exactly how they want things to be different, then I’ll step in and provide the process-focused self-hypnosis they’ll need get the positive changes they want to make, deep in their subconscious minds. You’ll get to see how great hypnotherapy works – even when it is done online.

By taking this course you’re going to learn the same kind of deep change processes that I teach on my Triple Diploma course. These are some of the tool used by the top coaches and therapists around the world.

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