The Key To Your Success is… Confidence!

The Key To Your Success Starts With a Great Confidence Building Hypnotherapy Script

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This Confidence Building Hypnotherapy script is perfect to listen to when you need a shot of confidence to help you on your way, or when you are starting something new.

This fantastic hypnotherapy script will do just that! Imagine how much more effective it would be if you were listening to it in a hypnotic trance! But listening to it regularly and repeating the words to yourself will have positive effects. I learnt it back in 1995 at a hypnotherapy convention in the USA and it features in the Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors. Back then I certainly needed some confidence building. I had just started learning hypnotherapy and I was so nervous and uncertain. But this script gave me a big boost and became one of my favourite confidence scripts. A modified and updated version of it is also in the manuals for the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy.

So ask yourself, in what areas of your life do you need some confidence building? It’s easy to say things like ‘I don’t have confidence’ but the truth is you DO have confidence in so many areas of your life.

You probably are a confident parent, cook, or driver? I’m also certain that you are confident when you are engaging in things you love such as your hobbies, passions and interests. A top tip to manage confidence challenges is to avoid letting a lack of confidence in one area of your life affect the other areas of your life.

It’s better if you qualify your lack of confidence and say something like ‘I’d like more confidence in a specific area of my life’. Enjoy the scrip and let those positive words sink down deep into your mind!

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