Coronavirus | Protective Healing Therapy Session with Susan Wallace

This Therapy session is designed to protect you from the Corona Virus. It will inspire your body and mind to access a deep healing response even if you catch COVID-19. Remember to protect yourself by following the HSE guidelines.

Below is an overview of the suggestions I will give you so you can feel certain that the work we will do together is professional and designed to support you.

I Won’t Hypnotise You!

I am not going to hypnotise you. Instead you and I are both going to work together with your subconscious mind to convince your immune system that it can and will fight the virus. And even if you do get sick that your body will be able to access optimum levels of healing so you can return to wellness as soon as possible.

Rest and Relaxation Are Key To a Healthy Immune Response

In order for your body to instigate a healing response, it’s extremely important that you give your body time to relax so it can repair and renew and recharge. So we will start this self-hypnosis session by inviting rest and relaxation into your body so that your organs can function in a stress free body.

Don’t Listen If You Are Driving Or If It’s Unsafe To Close Your Eyes

Sit down in a comfortable chair and relax as if you were about to have a short nap. I am not going to try and put you to sleep, instead I want you to work with me. If it’s safe and appropriate for you to do so, simply close your eyes. Closing your eyes helps remove the external distractions so your attention can go inside yourself.

Prime Yourself for Success

Before we get started, tell yourself that every positive thing I say to you is going to fix itself into your subconscious mind.  And my words are going to stay fixed there for as long as you need them and as a result of the positive things I say to you, your unconscious body will respond to them so that every organ inside your body can relax, repair, renew and recharge itself and support your immune system in a very effective way.

Breathe in Healing Relaxation

Focusing on your breath will help you bring your attention inwards so your breath can instigate a healing response. Your breath is as regular and as automatic as the waves the wash up onto the sea shore. Your healing breath brings relaxation deep into your organs and washes away tension, stress and worry caused by the Coronavirus.

Healing Relaxation To Support Your Internal Organs

To this I add that all your organs are performing their functions properly. Your heart beats in a normal way and the circulation of the blood takes place as it should; the lungs are carrying out their functions, as also your stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys and spleen.

If for any reason any of your internal organs are not performing as well as they could, then day by day they will improve until quite soon they will have returned to optimum health and wellness.

Remember You Have a Centre Core That Keeps You Safe and Well

There is a centre core within your unconscious mind and it has always been there with you, since you were a little child.  It has helped you survive difficult predicaments in the past, and it will continue to help you through these difficult times.  It will guide you, and protect you and help you to stay strong. Likewise if you are feeling ill it will encourage you to take it easy so that your body can rest and repair, and help you to return to good health.

An Anchor To Help You Balance Media Reports with Trust In Your Own Body

An anchor stabilises a ship. In these testing times we can find ourselves getting worried, anxious and stressed when we listen to the news. Remember to make your anchor, take a deep breath, hold it so the positive suggestions can be instantly and automatically reactivated in your subconscious mind.

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Warm regards

Susan Wallace

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