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Some counsellors and psychotherapists can be a little apprehensive about using hypnotherapy with their clients. Some still believe that hypnotherapy is similar to stage hypnosis, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the most researched and validated psychotherapeutic disciplines. According to Michael Yapko PhD, author of Depression is Contagious, Suggestions of Abuse and Treating Depression with Hypnosis, ‘hypnotherapy enhances a wide range of psychotherapy practices’. (Tranceworks 2018).

In this short Master Class, Susan offers free CPD for Counsellors to help you meet your annual CPD requirements. She explains how hypnotherapy can be integrated into your existing psychotherapy and counselling practice.

Using simple, client-centered language, she introduces a metaphor that is significantly improved when used through hypnosis. The metaphor will help your clients build awareness of their sabotaging thoughts and their unhelpful behaviours. Thoughts and behaviours that are keeping them stuck.

CPD for Counsellors | Learning Outcome from the Master Class

Susan goes on to explain how you can use that metaphor to help your clients develop the mental space they need to move from talking and ruminating into taking action.

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CPD for Counsellors | Hypnotherapy is the original Positive Psychology

Hypnotherapy is considered to be the original Positive Psychology. The reason for this is because hypnotherapy practitioners have always focused on ‘what is right with you’ rather than on ‘what is wrong with you’ when working with clients.

The ‘outcome-based’ approach has ensured that hypnotherapy has stood the test of time and has continued to grow in popularity from the teachings of Dave Elman and Milton Erickson in the 1950’s and 60’s up to the present day.

CPD for Counsellors | Recognised Training

This CPD for Counsellors course is recognised by all major counselling and psychotherapy associations. Contact your association to learn about CPD credit for online course.