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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, recently qualified or an experienced professional therapist with a busy practice – we’ve got some great topics for you as we get ready for our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching starting again this September.

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For the nineteenth year running, we are counting down the weeks until our next Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching which starts this September in Dublin, and also for a limited time in Limerick and Galway.

So to get you in the mood to become a great hypntherapist and mind coach, I have put together 50 great CPD events online to get you ready to build…

A lifestyle therapy business that you will LOVE!

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Take time out to work on building your dream therapy practice

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I’ve divided the topics up into six themes that broadly cover all the challenges and opportunities around growing a successful therapy practice. The six themes are:

#1 Therapy for Therapists
#2 Grow Your Therapy Practice
#3 Manage Your Therapy Practice
#4 See The Bigger Picture
#5 Therapy Tutorials
#6 Stuff No Other Therapy Trainer Would Tell You (or Give You)

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Be the Best. Have the Best. Give Your Best.

#1 Therapy for Therapists

  • Confidence for Therapists
  • Think of a Client Problem… Any Problem At All and Let Me Show You How To Solve It in LESS Than Ten Steps
  • Learning Rapid Relaxation Skills and Why You NEED This Skill
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Find Your Growing Edge
  • Do You Need To Be De-Hypnotised?
  • Self Sabotage – Why Some Therapists Don’t Succeed
  • Simply Do These TWO Things To Be a Successful Therapist
  • The Story Behind Our Brand – What’s Your Story?
  • The New Therapy That Will Change Your Life Forever!
  • A, B, C – Remastering Your Alphabet For Success
  • Hypno Gastric Band – We Put Science Behind The Hype
  • Online Therapy – Baby Steps for Terrified of Tech Therapists

#2 Grow Your Therapy Practice

  • Free Consultation – The Pros, the Cons and the Alternative
  • 3 Things That Help Clients Become Unstuck
  • The Beginners Guide To Starting a Successful Therapy Practice
  • The Advanced Guide To Building a Successful Therapy
  • 5 Things You Must NEVER say to a client
  • The Massive Mistake Most Trainee Therapists Make (that stop them earning their fees back during training)
  • Do This ONE Thing and You’ll Get Endless Referrals
  • Lessons From a Toddler To Help You Get Comfortable Charging Fees
  • You’ll Never Have To Sell Yourself If You Do This ONE Thing

#3 Manage Your Therapy Practice

  • 5 Reasons WHY Clients Fail and 5 Things YOU Can Do To Help Today
  • The Anatomy of a GREAT Therapy Session
  • 6 Reasons to Use Therapeutic Stories
  • Do You TEST Your Therapy To Make Sure Your Clients Are Happy With Progress?
  • What’s Your Therapy Super Power?  I know you have one!
  • Marissa Peer and Tony Robbins – What They Did That You Did Not!
  • Getting Referrals from your local G.P.’s Made Easy

#4 See The Bigger Picture

  • The Massive Change in the Health and Wellness Sector and How It Will Affect All Therpists
  • Great Therapists Aren’t Born They Are Made
  • Why Medical Professionals Use Hypnosis in Emergency Settings
  • Why Athletes Need Hypnosis
  • Why Parents Need Hypnosis
  • Famous People Who Have Used Hypnosis
  • NLP and Hypnotherapy – The BIG Difference and WHY it matters
  • Hypnotherapy Training or Counselling Training – Which One First?
  • Get Eligible to Work in a Medical Setting with Medical Professionals

#5 Therapy Tutorials

  • Hypnosis – The Original Positive Psychology
  • The Rules That Govern Change Work
  • My Training Mantra – And Why Every Child (and therapist) Should Use It!
  • Hypnotherapy – Dispelling the Myths
  • What Language Do Your Clients Speak? (I’m not talking about English, Irish or Polish)
  • The Forgotten Language In Therapy
  • Trance Free Hypnosis
  • Therapy, Mind Coaching and the Fish Metaphor – Stress Free Therapy
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Phobias But Were Afraid To Ask

#6 Stuff No Other Therapy Trainer Would Tell You (or Give You)

  • What Do Your Clients Really Want Because They Don’t Want Therapy
  • Why YOU are the WORST boss ever (and why I wouldn’t work for you!)
  • 101 Therapy Interventions In Your Pocket (I did the hard work so you don’t have to)
  • Scarcity v Abundance Mentality – Lessons for Therapists and for Clients
  • Let’s Have the ‘TALK’. It’s time to learn the facts of life that drive a successful therapy practice
  • Past Life Regression – WHY you MUST know how to handle it (even if you think it’s poppycock!)
  • Are You a Band Aid Therapist?
  • When Feelings Matter and When They Don’t
  • STOP Telling Yourself This TODAY If You Want To Be Successful
  • Self Reflection – Unlock Your Inner Guru
  • Time Travel Is Possible!  I’ve Been To The Future and You Were There With Me!
  • Prosperity Plan – Let’s Sketch Out Your Future Now!
  • Why I FUTURE PROOF My Graduates Qualifications (Even though I don’t have to)
  • Be the Best, Have the Best, Give Your Best. The Self Care Process for Heart Centred Therapists