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Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy

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Rapid Training for Rapid Results.  Be Fully Qualified, Fully Accredited and Fully Insured by June 2025.

 Join Susan On Saturday 14th September 2024.  Graduate On Saturday 7th June 2025.

Become a Fully Accredited, Fully Qualified, Internationally Recognised, Fee-Paid Solution Focused Hypnotherapist grounded in evidence-based psychotherapy and neuroscience of hypnotherapy.

Obtain Free Student Membership of the GHR and pre-approval for Full Membership of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (UK) and the Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy Register (Ireland) upon graduating.

Graduate Business Ready with all legal, GDPR and compliance requirements in place to work with clients in person and online.  Susan will show you the easy way to do this when working online.

Confidently Develop the Skills To Work With Clients In Person, In Groups, Online.  

15 Days Live in Dublin (or Online) with Susan Wallace. 

Earn While You Learn.  Use case study work to help you meet the monthly course fee.

Master the 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists To Deliver Solution Focused Hypnotherapy To Your Clients.   You'll have 101 Interventions to choose from so you can confidently deliver a great hypnotherapy experience.

Earn Three Diplomas without having to do three times the work.

Experience 120 hours Live Classroom Training and 450 hours of Resources, support and mentorship. 

Free Online support for TWO YEARS To help you grow a hypnotherapy practice you will love! 


Access The Control Centre of the Subconscious

Module 1: SATURDAy 14 SEPTEMBER 2024

You'll develop a portfolio of the most effective hypnotherapy inductions – including passive, authoritarian, conversational, medical and rapid inductions.  You'll learn how to match your style of hypnotherapy to each clients individual suggestibility profile.  Get this right and your clients will experience deep levels of hypnotic suggestibility and will be primed to accept your powerful hypnotic suggestions and mind changing hypnotic interventions.

Structure of a Great Hypnotherapy Session

Module 2: saturday 5 october 2024

Watch and participate in a wide range of hypnotherapy inductions and hypnotherapy sessions and witness for yourself just how powerful and effective solution focused, rapid results hypnotherapy can be.  Learn the secrets to session success with each client.  Discover and use your hypnotic communication style so you can be your best and authentic self when working with clients.

Unlock Personal Power with the Three Master Keys

Module 3: saturday 2 november 2024

Learn a powerful three session hypnotherapy approach that works will almost all solution focused client challenges. Move away from scripts and doing 'suggestion therapy' into delivering a dynamic, deeply engaging experience to you clients over three great hypnotherapy sessions. You'll work with the clients past, present and future and their subconscious body to deliver great results.

Mastering The Three Master Keys

Module 4: Saturday 23 november 2024

This deep dive practice day will build practical skills and help you to find your hypnotic voice and to develop your listening skills. Discover how your subconscious processes information and your own hypnotic style.  You'll leave with a three session solution to help clients find, connect and use their confidence.  This three session approach will be a game changer as every client needs confidence to tackle their challenges and so do we!

Ask The Right Questions To Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Module 5: Saturday 7 december 2024

Asking the right questions in the right way, lies at the heart of our solution focused approach. You won't need hypnotherapy scripts because your client will give you the words you need and help you create hypnotherapy suggestions that are a perfect fit for what your client needs. These questions will also help you decide if your client will need regression hypnotherapy or inner child work or indeed if you need to refer them other services.

Breakthrough Fear and Anxiety and Work At The Growing Edge of Consciousness

Module 6: saturday 11 januAry 2025

Using the latest developments from Neuroscience you're going to breakthrough your own fears and limitations by experiencing first hand how effective our model of hypnotherapy is for managing anxiety, stress, phobias and overwhelm. You'll leave this module with the skills to 'break state' to bring your client out of anxiety and into calmness. You'll 'anchor' calmness into your clients nervous system so they can access it when they need it most.

Reframe the Past With Regression

Module 7: Saturday 8 february 2025

Learn the step-by-step way to do transformative regression to help clients put past difficulties behind them. Your clients will release the strong emotions that are keeping them stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, depression or distress. You'll become expert in time line therapy techniques to built resilience and confidence. You'll learn how to navigate through the dangers of false memory syndrome and confabulation to deliver a truly client centred regression experience.

Psychotherapy of Hypnotherapy

Module 8: saturday 22 february 2025

This module will help you develop and deliver hypnotherapy sessions for common challenges such as weight management, nicotine addiction, anxiety, stress related conditions, lack of confidence, unwanted habits and working with medical conditions from infertility to serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes plus many, many more applications. This hands on day will make it clear to you that 'you can do this'. You'll use evidence based tools and techniques so you can be certain what you are doing is based on the latest research and findings.

Compassionate Inner Child Work and Hypno Healing For Health

Module 9: saturday 8 march 2025

Learn the step by step process to create deep compassion and understanding for that version of yourself (and your clients) who were hurt by the actions of others. Discover and update the subconscious life script that can hold us back. Travel through time and heal your time line and inner child. You'll learn the 7 deadly mistakes and how to avoid them when doing regression or inner child work so you never have clients say 'it feels like it's happening all over again.

Manage Will Power In The Brain and Surf The Urge In The Body

Module 10: saturday 22 march 2025

This module reduces the terror most trainee hypnotherapists face 'what if it doesn't work?' Follow this framework and both you and your clients will experience confidence and belief in the power of hypnotherapy. Become fearless and focused while remaining compassionate and caring with the game changing framework. You'll also learn how to help clients manage willpower, surf urges and reduce cravings that might otherwise sabotage their success.

Parts Therapy and Cognitive Restructuring Gestalt Style

Module 11: saturday 12 april 2025

Parts Therapy is the process of connecting with that part of our personality that seems to sabotage our success.  You'll help your clients connect with it and give it a voice so you can discover the positive intention of the part that is holding them back. You'll learn the easy to master step-by-step process to deliver great parts therapy every time.

Practical Parts Therapy - Find The Positive Intention Behind Your Self Sabotage.

MODULE 12: saturday 26 april 2025

'There is a part of you that desperately want to be a hypnotherapist and another part that is terrified of moving out of your comfort zone.' This module will help you overcome your own self sabotage by giving you the opportunity to receive Parts Therapy and to give Parts Therapy to a colleague, with plenty of guidance from your tutor.

Develop Positive Patterns of Action With Neuro Linguistic Programming

Module 13: saturday 10 may 2025 

NLP provides us with effective therapeutic interventions without the need to go into a trance. You will learn how to incorporate the most effective NLP coaching techniques into your practice so you can deliver a solution focused experience in your hypnotherapy sessions, workshops, online courses and on coaching calls with your clients.

Against Depression With Positive Psychology Hypnosis

module 14: SATURDAY 24 May 2025

When times get tough that's when we need to help your clients to dig deep and find the energy to keep going when we feel like giving up. You'll learn a set of Positive Psychology exercises that help create a buffer against depression. So your clients won't just survive but will have the skills to thrive and to flourish when under fire from unexpected and difficult life events.


Your Graduation Event

Emerge from the Triple Diploma, Business Ready!  We spend the morning doing deep dive work you YOU!   You'll experience deep hypnosis to help you 'flick the switch’ from a poverty mindset to a prosperity mindset.  You'll use hypnosis to communicate to your community that you are ready to welcome solution focused clients into your practice.   You'll create your own 'prosperity plan' for your coaching and therapy business.  This is a business plan for heart-centered therapists.   We will use the wisdom of your life experience and your hypnotherapy skills to connect you with your confidence and get you ready to grow a lifestyle friendly coaching and hypnotherapy practice you will love!


Classes are held on the first Tuesday of every month from October 2024 to June 2025 from 6pm to 7pm.  Repeat these modules next year completely free of charge as Susan's Guest!

Three Session Game Changer -This blueprint works with almost all client challenges to deliver rapid results with three powerful hypnotherapy interventions. Tuesday 1st October, 2024.
Advanced AnchoringAllows you to deliver a 'failure free' method of hypnotherapy that gives clients the skill to access their calm confidence when the need it.  Tuesday 5th November, 2024.
Earn While You Learn Hypnotherapy and Pay As You Grow - New Year's Resolutions supply our students with an endless supply of case study clients. Susan will show you how to earn a small free from doing case study work.  You'll use this to pay your way through the course.  Most students earn their course fees back before graduating.  Tuesday 3rd December, 2024.
Master Meaningful Metaphors - Tap into you and your clients creative subconscious and use their wisdom to create mind changing metaphors quickly and easily.  Tuesday 7th January, 2025.
Subconscious Time Travel Work - Learn how to move swiftly between past, present and future experiences and between associated and dissociated states.  Tuesday 4th February, 2025.
Case Study Clarity - Ask questions around your existing case studies or listen to answers from other hypnotherapists.  You'll hear from graduates who are working with clients as well as from students and graduates on other courses.  Tuesday 4th March, 2025.
Seven Skills of a Confident and Competent Hypnotherapist - Meet your professional and legal obligations, develop your GDPR, informed consent, privacy policy and other essentials other schools don't teach the stress free way.  Susan will show you how to put all of these things on 'autopilot' so you can focus on bring hypnotherapy to hundreds and your healing hypnosis products to thousands.  Tuesday 1st April, 2025.
Prosperity Plan for Heart Focused Hypnotherapists  - Using Attraction Psychology Susan will help you connect with your audience in a heartfelt way that inspires them to book hypnotherapy with you.  This will also let them know that you are the right hypnotherapist for them.  Tuesday 6th May, 2025.
Passive Income Online  - Let's map out the kind of online workshop, course or hypnotherapy product that will help you create an easy income from your hypnotherapy skills and deliver amazing value to your clients.  Tuesday 3rd June, 2025.

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Here's a Summary Of What's Included:

Fifteen deep dive days delivered live in Dublin or online (if you cannot attend in Dublin) to build the skills to work as a fully accredited, fully insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.
Nine evening classes to build mastery and to work through self sabotage and practical obstacles that might stand in your way.  If you can't attend don't worry, Susan will record the classes for you.
Online Learning Hub access 450 hours of additional resources, lectures, demonstrations and 101 Hypnotherapy Interventions for Busy Coaches, Therapists and Healers on your phone.
Peace Of Mind:  Everything is recorded and placed in the hub in case you cannot attend a class or two.
Two years mentoring, support and access to online classes and the Online Learning Hub at no extra cost.
Course manuals, key scripts and prompt sheets and client handouts posted out to you - anywhere in the world.  
Pay In Full In Advance Offer:  Receive a substantial discount and get full instant access to the online course and have the course manuals posted to you immediately.



Pay in full to get a discount of €500 and receive the course manuals and access to all online modules.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this hypnosis course accredited?

This course is fully accredited.  You get free student membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register when you join.  You are pre-approved for full membership of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (UK) and the Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy Register (Ireland) when you graduate.  The course is internationally recognised and is an academic, evidence based course that is built on the latest developments in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and neuroscience.

What if I can't attend some modules due to prior commitments?

Simply let Susan know and she will record what you've missed.  Susan will also make arrangements for you to catch up so you don't miss a thing.  Plus you'll be invited back to take the module for free next year as Susan's guest.

How much study do I have to do and is it hard?

This course isn't hard but it is academic.  It's easy to do if you are willing to open your books and visit the online library and attend all the modules. If in doubt call Susan for an informal chat.

When will I get access to the course?

If you have paid in full, you will get access to the full course and all past recordings of demonstrations within minutes.  If you are on the payment plan you'll get access to a new module each month during training.

Are there any additional costs?

The only additional cost you have to incur is the cost of your student insurance.  Student cover is €75.00 to be pro-rated to €110.00 once you graduate. 

Is it true I only need a smart phone or tablet to join online?

Yes, all you need is a smart phone, or a tablet or computer to join us for the online modules and to access the online library.  

If you are looking for a hypnosis course in Dublin or an online hypnosis course, you've come to the right place.  The Triple Diploma course is Ireland's most popular hypnotherapy diploma course.  It is a fully accredited course that allows you to work as a professional fee-paid hypnotherapist when you graduate.  It is the fast and effective way to learn hypnotherapy and start a successful hypnotherapy business.  This hypnotherapy diploma course is very popular with psychotherapists and counsellors who want to add hypnotherapy to their portfolio of client services.  However you don't need any experience to train to be a hypnotherapist or to join Susan and to become fully accredited, fully qualified and fully insured to work with fee-paid hypnotherapy clients.  The Triple Diploma course is considered by many to be the most advanced, affordable and practical hypnotherapy training course in Europe.  Why book a standard Diploma in Hypnotherapy course, when you can join me, Susan Wallace in Dublin or Online. Learn how to deliver Rapid Results in this Fast Track, Rapid Timeframe.  Graduate within six months. Sign up for the free pre-training course and start learning how to hypnotise others today.  Pre-approval to join the CNHC (UK) and free student membership of the GHR (worldwide)

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