Join the new Triple Diploma in Emotion, Soma and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace

Learn cutting-edge skills from:

#1 Deliver Rapid Results For Surface Level Problems with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

#2 Work Through Attachment Wounds and Traumatic Experiences with Emotion and Soma Focused Hypnotherapy

#3 Use Panksepp's Emotional Action Systems  to deliver Neuro Affective Coaching to support clients with long term challenges

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Here's What you Will Learn on the Pre-Training Course

Trauma Case Files: When Work Related Anxiety Reveals Unprocessed Sexual And Psychological Abuse * Trigger Warning, contains language descriptive of sexual assault.
Why the Revolving Door Method of Hypnotherapy is sabotaging your success and why it must be stopped now!
The Dragon Hypnosis Metaphor. Use it to introduce slow, phase orientated hypnosis to your clients and let them know you understand their emotional and psychological pain.
How this new Hypnotherapy Diploma course will expand your hypnotherapy practice and fill your diary with clients who love working with you.

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#1  Join Susan in Dublin (Live Online) For FIFTEEN Deep Dive Days of Demonstration and Skill Building

#2  Join Susan once a month online to develop your Coaching and Hypnotherapy Packages and Practice Your Skills

#3 Become a Fully Accredited, Fully Insured, Fully Trained, Fully Recognised Hypnotherapist on Saturday 7th June 2025

Work with short, medium and long term clients...

Here's what you'll be able to offer your clients:

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to support clients who have surface level challenges and fit the Rapid Results model of hypnotherapy.

Emotion and Soma Focused Hypnotherapy for clients who have deeper issues that require a slower approach.  This is suitable for clients who are carrying attachment wounds from childhood or who are holding on to body memories - the legacy left from traumatic experiences.

Neuro Affective Coaching for clients who find themselves thinking, doing or feeling dysregulated and don't know why.

Join Susan For 15 Days of LIVE Training. 
Attend in Dublin or join our fully inclusive live ONLINE classroom.
Saturday 10am to 6pm.  Sunday 10am to 5pm. All dates confirmed.

7 and 8 September 2024
5 and 6 October 2024
16 and 17 November 2024
11 and 12 January 2025
8 and 9 February 2025
22 and 23 March 2025
10 and 11 May 2025
Graduation:  Saturday 7th June 2025.

Transformation Tuesdays and Online Practice Group

Join Susan once a month online over the academic year to practice your skills. You’ll also be supported while you design a bespoke Coaching and Hypnotherapy packages for your clients.  7pm to 9pm Online only.

All Lessons and Sessions Recorded For You

All 120 hours of live online or in Dublin training is recorded and placed in our online Learning Hub. Catch a replay. Revisit modules and learn at your own speed.  Enjoy 350+ hours of additional resources and content in the hub.

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Module 1: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Part 1

7th and 8th September 2024.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 10th September, online from 7 to 9pm

HOW TO HYPNOTISE: Learn how to mix and match all the components to create a great formal or conversational hypnotherapy experience.
THE STRUCTURE OF A GREAT SESSION: Learn how to guide clients into a structured hypnotherapy or neuro affective coaching experience.
USING THE THREE MASTER KEYS: Learn how to deliver rapid results for surface level problems that respond well to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Module 2: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Part 2

5th and 6th October 2024.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 8th October, online from 7 to 9pm

SUIT OF ARMOUR:  Use this metaphor for planning the longer term coaching and hypnotherapy journey.
ANCHORING AND ACCESSING RESOURCES: Learn how to create hypnotic anchors and a Trauma Grounding Kit.
WINDOW OF TOLERANCE:  Working within and with Hyper and Hypo arousal states effectively
FAILURE FREE FRAMEWORK:  Master this approach to get great Rapid Results when delivering Solution Focused coaching and hypnotherapy.

Module 3: Neuro Affective Coaching Part 1

16th and 17th November 2024.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 19th November, online from 7 to 9pm

AFFECTIVE NEUROSCIENCE:  Recognising how and when to move between Solution Focused, Emotion and Soma Focused approaches.
WORKING WITH THE THREE NARRATIVES: Explore the soma and emotional narratives that lie beneath your clients verbal narrative.
Use PANKSEPP'S EMOTIONAL COMMAND SYSTEM to plan an ultra-modern coaching and hypnotherapy journey.
Use STRUCTURE OF EMOTION APPRAISAL to get to the heart of all challenges and to work with each component effectively.

Module 4: Emotion and Attachment Focused Part 1

11th and 12th January 2025.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 14th January, online from 7 to 9pm

COTTAGE METAPHOR: Help your clients understand the devastating effects of attachment wounds and traumatic experiences with this gateway metaphor.
ATTACHMENT SCIENCE: Discover how our attachment blueprint influences our beliefs about ourselves and how others will treat us.
CREATING RESONANCE: Gestalt experiencing for Self Compassion and Self Interruption Splits.
EMOTIONAL LAYERS: Learn which layer to work on and how to work beneath the maladaptive layer.

Module 5: Neuro Affective Coaching Part 2

8th and 9th February 2025.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 11th February, online from 7 to 9pm

EMOTIONAL LAYERS:  Learn which emotional layers create transformative experiences and which ones deepen the problem. 
WORKING WITH THE EMOTIONAL CV:  Emotional experiencing and new narrative development.
NEURO AFFECTIVE CUES, EVOKING AND SENSING:  Expertly leverage attachment body language, facial and vocal signalling.   Use meta-language patterns for emotional evoking, containment, exploration and deepening.

Module 6: Somatic Shifts Through Gestalt Experiencing

22nd and 23rd March 2025.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 25th March, online from 7 to 9pm

GESTALT EXPERIENCING:  Learn the step-by-step process to turn painful emotions into transformations healing experiences.
NON VERBAL SOMATIC EXPERIENCING:  Help clients recognise and build self compassion for body memories
WORKING WITH THE COGNITIVE CRITIC AND SELF SABOTAGE. Gestalt Experiences to Work with Positive Intention of the Harsh Inner Critic.
WORKING WITH SELF INTERRUPTION SPLITS. Gestalt Experiences to Stop Self Interruption and Self Coercion.

Module 7:  Soma Focused Interventions and Trauma Release Techniques

10th and 11th May 2025.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 13th May, online from 7 to 9pm

BODY MEMORIES:  Working with conscious and unconscious body memories from core wounds and trauma.
TRAUMA RELEASE TECHNIQUES:  Recognise and release blocked action and restore procedural memory to the Emotional Action Circuits 
VAK EXPERIENCING: Use association and dissociation techniques to guide clients out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone.
NON VERBAL SOMATIC RESET:  Use somatic regression movements to release trapped emotional energy through hypnosis.

Module 8: Post Traumatic Growth, Resilience and Graduation

Saturday 7th June 2025.
Marino Institute Dublin and Live Online.

Plus: Tuesday 3rd June, online from 7 to 9pm

GROWTH V FIXED BASED MINDSET: Techniques to activate the Play, Lust and Care circuits. Growth based mindset and Positive Psychology's Pleasant, Engaged and Meaningful Life.
KINTSUGI PLAY THERAPY: Enjoy a Play Therapy session as you join all the fragments and experiences and celebrate the 'golden journey' of becoming an Emotion, Soma and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
STUDENT PRESENTATIONS: Opportunity for our newly graduated, fully qualified hypnotherapists and coaches to present their signature programmes to the world.  This is an optional, highly prized additional extra.

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What You Will Graduate With

Confidence and the skills to  work as a fully qualified Emotion, Soma and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
Skills to Leverage the rapid advances in affective neuroscience (Panksepp), attachment science (Bowlby) and emotionally focused therapy (Johnson) to help your clients overcome difficult life experience and experience post traumatic growth.
Monthly Skills Practice Groups:  Continually develop your skills and experience personal transformations with our monthly practice groups.
Experience the benefits that come from filling your diary with  short, medium and long term hypnotherapy and coaching clients.

Here's What Our Graduates Have To Say

Expert Guidance

Susan helped me develop the skills to confidently navigate my clients through difficult and often traumatic experiences with compassion and kindness.  

Elleria Janas, Body Coach
Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist

Holding Space

I didn't realise how important it was to hold space for clients during hypnotherapy.  What emerges in the silence is amazing and clients love it!

Helen Doyle, RC Hyp, Dip Hyp,
Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist

Unbelievable Support

The level of support on this course is unbelievable. Susan invited us all back again for a second year and asked for nothing in return. 

Catherine McNamara, Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist, IACP

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Here's a Summary Of What's Included:

FIFTEEN deep dive modules delivered live in Dublin or online if you an international student or cannot travel to Dublin.   
Create your Signature Coaching and Hypnotherapy programmes for your clients with our monthly Transformation Tuesdays.  Once a month during term time, always recorded if you cannot attend.  Value €995
Monthly Online Themed Practice Groups: Build skills and experience the benefits of hypnotherapy and neuro affective programming.
Professionally produced Course Manuals, key scripts and prompt sheets and client handouts to make it easier to learn and support your clients.
Pay In Full In Advance Offer:  Receive a substantial discount see below. 
Course List Price for the UK in Spring 2025 is £6,950 stg 

Early Bird Offer EXTENDED TO Monday 5 August 2024. 

Full Price Starts Tuesday 6th August 2024 without exception.  Pay As You Grow: €3,950 (Pay €350 deposit followed by 10 automated monthly payments of €350 via Stripe subscription).   One Time Payment: €3,495.


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Here's Answers To Common Questions

What happens on Tuesdays Online? 

On Tuesday's at 7pm (Irish Standard Time) we meet online to do three things.  1. Help you get clarity.  2. Give you time to practice your skills.  3. Design your coaching and hypnotherapy programmes for your clients.

How is this course delivered?

This is a blended learning course.  Join Susan in Dublin or Online for the full day modules. Everyone is online once a month on Tuesday evenings.  All modules are recorded.

What happens if I miss a class?

Life has a way of throwing us off course every now and again.  As professional coaches and hypnotherapists we expect unexpected and we meet them with grace and ease.  On this course we make space for the unexpected.  All live full day modules and Online Tuesdays are recorded and uploaded to your online learning hub.  

What if I have unresolved issues or my own trauma challenges?

If things have happened or are happening right now then you need support and leadership from like-minded people who are here 100% to give you the support you need. Each of us are 'working through' our own stuff.  Life is a series of ups and downs and we support each other through the challenges we all face from time to time.  We use students life experiences to demonstrate how great coaching and hypnotherapy works.

What if I can't attend the live events?

If you can't join Susan in Dublin that's no problem.  We have many international students who can only join us online - so it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have access to wifi.  If you've got something on, don't worry, live events are recorded and added to the Online Library.

Diploma in Emotion, Soma and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an ultra-modern, advanced hypnotherapy diploma course designed to give you the skills to sit with clients and deliver hypnotherapy sessions based on the rapid developments in affective neuroscience, attachment psychology and gestalt experiencing.  This will help clients overcome trauma and experience post traumatic growth.  This hypnotherapy course provides in-depth hypnotherapy training in conversational hypnotherapy techniques and emotion and soma focused hypnotherapy to help your clients put the past behind them, release their body from the legacy of body memories generated from traumatic memories and build resilience.  By taking this course you'll become a fully qualified Emotion, Soma and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with the skills to Heal Trauma Through Hypnosis.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Emotion Focused approach works with Panksepp's Emotional Action System to give you the skills to work with short, medium and long term hypnotherapy clients.