Hypnotherapists will not pass on any personal information about their clients to anyone else, except subject to the following exceptions and the rules of the State —

Where a hypnotherapist has the written consent of the client to disclose information for a specific reason or purpose.
Where a hypnotherapist would be liable to civil or criminal court procedure if the information was not disclosed.
Where a hypnotherapist believes a client or third party is at risk of serious harm.  In such a circumstance, the hypnotherapist will encourage the client and support the client to seek help with a relevant agency to the utmost of his or her ability.  If it becomes clear that this won’t happen, or if the danger is considered very serIous the hypnotherapist may pass the information on directly.

In such cases, as a client, you will be encouraged to access organisations that can provide you with the right level of support. At all times as your hypnotherapist I am subject to the laws of the state.