Graduating from Hypnotherapy Business Academy Triple Diploma Course requires the following:

1. Submission of one Case Study

Susan has watched you while you have worked with your peers during each module of the course. Therefor you only have to submit one case study as part of your exam. Watch the short video below to learn what to do. Email for submissions is Whats App submissions to me personally on Whats App. Do not post into the Group Discussion. Do NOT submit personal details that identify your client.

2. Participate in the Summer Exam 2021 Group Discussion

Introduction: The Group Discussion takes place on Saturday 26th June at 11.15am

Susan will put you into a breakout room with three of your peers to develop your own person understanding and practice strategy for each of the twelve topics below. 120 minutes are allotted for the discussion. There is 10 minutes to discuss each question. Each of you will write down your responses and this will form the roadmap for your coaching and hypnotherapy practice. See italics below for guidance. This will form the basis for your personal code of practice and will dovetail with the Code of Ethics of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Please take 10 minutes to read the Code of Ethics now.

Group Discussion Questions

Please read through all of the questions now in preparation for the discussion later. Italics denote a suggested format to develop your own Code of Conduct. However, you are not restricted to this format. Feel free to develop your own.

1. How do you evaluate requests for hypnotherapy and how do you determine whether or not you should proceed?
I evaluate requests for hypnotherapy and determine whether or not to proceed based on the following:

2. How do you explain the nature of the service you offer and your fee structures to the client?
I offer…
My fee structure is…

3. How do you provide an appropriate and safe environment for your services?
My health and wellness policy (responding to COVID-19) is…

4. How do you make clients feel welcome and ensure they are as comfortable as possible?
Here’s what I do to ensure you feel welcome and in a safe, private environment (in-person and online)….

5. How do you discuss the client’s needs and expectations, and ask relevant questions?
My approach consists of the following…

6. How do you actively encourage the client to ask questions, seek advice and express any concerns?
I want you to know that if you have any questions, need advice or have any concerns you can…

7. What methods of evaluating therapy should be determined? How can you explain your client’s role in the evaluation?
Working together involves…

8. How can you actively encourage and empower your client to be as actively involved as possible in the process?
Working together involves… What this means…

9. How can you explain to your client the importance of their involvement in the promotion of their health and well-being?
Understanding the importance of your involvement…

10. How do you determine any contra-indications or restrictions that may be present.  Describe how you would refer or take appropriate action if hypnotherapy was contra-indicated?
I cannot work outside the scope of my training and if any restrictions become apparent here’s how I will help you…

11. How do you obtain your client’s consent and complete records in accordance with professional and legal requirements?
I am legally obliged to…

12. What do you need to know about the physiology of hypnotherapy when doing client work?
Occasionally some clients can experience…
Here’s how I will keep you safe and give you the freedom to express your emotions…

Getting Ready for the Exam > 4 Organisers Required

Organiser: Susan will set up a breakout rom for your group. Make sure everyone in the group has time to speak. Read out the next question when the timekeeper announces time up! Keep a note of pertinent points and areas where your group were unclear. Make notes of questions or points you want to raise with Susan later.
Time Keeper: Give 10 minutes to each question. No one person should be speaking for longer than 2 minutes on the topic. Interrupt the speaker if they go over time. Everyone must get a chance to speak.
Relevance Monitor: Your job is to ensure that the conversation stays on the question being discussed. You may have people with other therapy skills in the group who might talk about their other work. Bring them back to the question and to the discussion of hypnotherapy and mind coaching only.
Everyone: Sketch out your approach as you go. Create notes – they will form the foundation of your therapeutic approach. Remember, you and everyone in your group are expected to contribute to the discussions. Everyone is given a chance to be heard for each discussion point. There is no wrong or right answer. This is about you finding your way and developing your own approach and strategy to running a client-centred hypnotherapy and mind coaching practice.
Result: By the time the 120 minutes (2 hours is up) you should have a working document in front of you that clearly outlines your approach as a client-centred therapist.
After Discussion: When the group discussion is over, we will return to our online classroom. You will be given the opportunity any challenges or uncertaintly that arose during your discussions.