Summer Exam 2019 Sample Group Questions

Introduction: The exam this year will take place as a group discussion where you will join a small group of your peers to develop a strategy for each of the twelve topics below. 120 minutes are allotted for the discussion. Answers will be shared in a two hour session by a spokesperson for your group on a Zoom call later that day.

1. How do you evaluate requests for hypnotherapy and how do you determine whether or not you should proceed?

2. How do you explain the nature of the service you offer and your fee structures to the client?

3. How do you provide an appropriate and safe environment for your services?

4. How do you make clients feel welcome and ensure they are as comfortable as possible?

5. How do you discuss the client’s needs and expectations, and ask relevant questions?

6. How do you actively encourage the client to ask questions, seek advice and express any concerns?

7. What methods of evaluating therapy should be determined? How can you explain your client’s role in the evaluation?

8. How can you actively encourage and empower your client to be as actively involved as possible in the process?

9. How can you explain to your client the importance of their involvement in the promotion of their health and well-being?

10. How do you determine any contra-indications or restrictions that may be present.  Describe how you would refer or take appropriate action if hypnotherapy was contra-indicated?

11. How do you obtain your client’s consent and complete records in accordance with professional and legal requirements?

12. What do you need to know about the physiology of hypnotherapy when doing client work?

Exam Dates

The exam will take place on Saturdays at 10am on the dates and locations below

18 May, University of Limerick, Kilmurray Village Hall

1 June, Marino Institute Dublin

8 June, NUI Galway