Feedback Informed Hypnotherapy

Starting in Autumn 2022 on our flagship courses:

I will be introducing a new process of feedback-informed therapy to the feedback-informed tools we already teach on these courses.

The aim is to strengthen the way we therapists obtain feedback from our clients so we can consistently improve the quality and effectiveness of therapy.

Watch the 5 Minute Video on Feedback Informed Trauma Therapy

Here’s how we use feedback-informed therapy processes in the Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course. We also use it on the Triple Diploma course but in a slightly different way.

It involves obtaining feedback from clients about:

  • How they experience the therapeutic relationship
  • How we are communicating and listening to them
  • Their opinions on how we are delivering their desired outcomes.

As you learn how to use this process, I will invite you to bring that feedback into our classroom during training. Together as a group, you’ll learn how to turn that feedback into the best possible therapy experience for your client.

We will use that feedback to

  • Help us improve our teaching services
  • Help you deliver therapy
  • Help you tailor your approach to fit your client’s needs

By adopting this feedback-informed approach it removes a lot of the guesswork from your therapy sessions. You’ll know exactly what your client thinks, feels and believes about the work you are doing together.

Both the:

are evidence based hypnotherapy training courses. But when it comes to feedback during client session, we move into collecting our own anecdotal evidence from clients so we can constantly match our work to the experiences, beliefs and expectations of our clients.

By monitoring clients’ progress we can adjust the therapy. This helps us and our clients develop insights to help achieve the goals of therapy.

I believe you’ll find adding this short process to your work will greatly enhance your client’s experiences and help you develop a:

Successful practice

Successful for your clients because they will feel listened to, understood and valued.
Successful for you because you’ll be delivering great outcomes

Rewarding practice

Rewarding for your clients because they will get the results they desire.
Rewarding for you because you’ll get great referrals from happy clients

There is a lot that we could take from FIT but we have to be practical and take what is most valuable to our clients. On both the:

You’ll learn a simple but highly effective way to become a feedback informed hypnotherapist. Various processes take between 2 minutes up to 10 minutes but the effects will be transformative.