Finding the Right Hypnotherapist For You

When it comes to finding the right hypnotherapist there are a few things I recommend you do.

Check out their web presence and make sure they demonstrate that they are fully qualified and a member of a professional hypnotherapy association.

If they have graduated from Hypnotherapy Business Academy, you’ll notice they carry our accreditation mark and link back to the website.

But that’s just the start. Behind their qualifications is a person who has invested a lot of time, training and energy developing their skills so they can be the best they can be. In addition to being fully qualified, insured and experienced – you need to make sure they are the right person for you.

So take a look at their website and make sure their services are a good fit for what you want.

Pick Up The Phone

The only way to know if a hypnotherapist is right for you is to pick up the phone. Have a conversation with them.

You’ll know they are client centred and right for you if the following happens:

  • He or she talks to you and takes the time to find out why you are looking for hypnotherapy
  • They listen attentively and ask you some interesting questions
  • They explain to you how hypnotherapy can help
  • They provide clear answers regarding how many session you might need – remember they can only give you a ball-park number until you meet with them and the therapeutic relationship develops
  • They are open and transparent about their pricing
  • You leave the call feeling understood and filled with hope that you’ve found a professional who can help.

You Don’t Have To Make Your Mind Up Straight Away

Remember you don’t have to say yes straight away. Take your time. If they are the right person for you, you’ll feel like saying yes and you’ll look forward to your first session. It’s always beneficial to call a few hypnotherapists and then make your decision based on which one ‘feels’ right for you.

Going to see a hypnotherapist might make you feel a little nervous but there’s nothing to worry about.

Hypnotherapists are trained to help you feel comfortable and ease. You’re not going to feel out of control or under their spell. They know how to introduce hypnosis and move at the pace that is right for you. Above all, they are there to help you establish your goals, figure out a realistic time frame and guide you through the hypnosis process.

If That Hypnotherapist Is Right For You

If that hypnotherapist is right for you, you’ll begin to notice some positive changes straight away. But remember good hypnotherapy, like good psychotherapy or counselling takes time. Avoid booking sessions with therapists who make unrealistic promises is pointless. Making permanent changes takes time. Learning how to avoid triggers that will cause you to fall of the wagon takes time. Building resilience and confidence takes time. Learning how to manage setbacks, obstacles and frustration takes time. But that said, hypnotherapy is the fastest way, yes the fastest way to make lasting positive changes in your life.

Book A Session With a Local Professional Hypnotherapist

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