Join Susan Wallace on this one-day intensive foundation course in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. You will watch great hypnotherapy demonstrations and you will enjoy developing practical therapy skills.  In particular you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what to do in a therapy session to guide a person into hypnosis.
  • The ONE question you must never ask when taking a client history.
  • The three things that stop people from experiencing hypnosis.
  • How to work with people who are resistant or who cannot be hypnotised.
  • The simple way to break down a problem and avoid overwhelm.
  • The three secrets to getting great results fast.

Finally we will take a look at how to:

  • Start a therapy business with limited time, money and experience.
  • Fit a new part-time career into your busy life with minimum fuss.
  • Obtain qualifications, accreditation and insurance the right way.
  • Implement a five year, five-step plan to build a successful and financially secure therapy career.

Susan will also make sure there is also plenty of time to answer any questions you might have.

Not Sure What Mind Coaching Is?

Watch this short video Master Class I created for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Course Location and Dates

Booking is simple. Click on the date you want and you’ll be taken to Eventbrite where you can secure your place.

The Marino Institute, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
>> Click Here >> Sunday 26th September 2020

The University of Limerick
>> Click Here >> Saturday 26th September 2020

If you prefer to book by credit or debit card, please call 086 343 2992 to make a booking.

Cost of the Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy

The Early Bird rate is €47 and increases to €150. Your fee is fully refundable up until one day before the event. We will refund the cost of this course, if you decide to join us on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy.

Course Handouts and Certification

This one day course comes with a printed manual and an online manual that you can save to your phone for easy access.  Susan will show you how on the day. You’ll receive a professionally produced Certificate of Completion. This will be emailed upon completion of the course.

What This Course Doesn’t Do!

Taking this one day course does not qualify you to use hypnotherapy with fee-paid clients. Likewise you cannot legally get professional indemnity insurance without having undertaken the necessary 120 hours of interactive classroom training. To practice hypnotherapy without the necessary training and experience is foolhardy and disrespectful to people who are seeking help with their problems. That said, I hope this will be a great start to a wonderful journey and learning experience!

How To Work As a Professional Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

To work with clients on a professional level you must undertake 120 hours of classroom-based training. If you would like to learn Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching to diploma level you can join Susan’s Triple Diploma Course.

About Your Course Presenter

This Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy leads to a Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Susan Wallace presents this professional hypnotherapy course.  Susan is the Principal of Hypnotherapy Business Academy and runs the highly regarded Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course in Ireland and the UK. She is the author of The Millionaire Therapist book and has a busy private practice where she helps clients achieve their personal and professional goals.