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Free Counselling Course >> Learn the 10 Step Solution Focused Therapy In 10 Minutes. Watch it before you book a counselling course or psychotherapy course.

You’ll learn the ten step framework that underpins the work of so many famous therapists such as Tony Robbins, Marissa Peer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and many more.

There are 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists and 10 Steps in Our Solution Focused Therapy Framework

Every year we train a large number of counsellors and psychotherapists and they tell us how glad they are that they decided to add Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching to their skillset. Here’s what Jim Sheehy in Donegal had to say. Jim is an IACP registered psychotherapist and the developer of the Really Human ‘Vulnerable and Strong’ website.

Jim Sheehy is a Psychotherapist and the developer of Really

Maybe You Don’t Think Hypnotherapy is Relevant!
Watch this Short Video To Discover How It Relevant and How To Describe Change Work To Your Clients

When your clients are stuck and you know they need to take action. You can use this powerful metaphor to get them ready for action based hypnotherapy work.

Before You Go I’d Like To Give You 8 Reasons To Take a Hypnotherapy Course Before (or after) this Free Counselling Course!

8 Reasons To Take a Hypnotherapy Course before Taking a Counselling Course

Here’s the top eight reasons why so many counsellors and psychotherapists wish they had learned hypnotherapy first and why they decided to learn hypnotherapy after counselling.

#1 Getting Accredited as a Hypnotherapist is Quicker

Getting accredited and qualified as a professional Hypnotherapist and a Mind Coach only takes one academic year. Courses usuall start in September and run for one weekend per month. This means it’s much quicker than getting accredited in counselling or psychotherapy.

#2 You Can Start Earning Faster

A student Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach can start seeing and charging a small fee for case case studies within three months of starting their training. Of course you’ll be limited to the cases you can work with and you must have student insurance in place. But rolling your sleeves up and giving value back to your future clients is a great way to motivate students. On our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching, we even provide you with the session framework and useful scripts so you can Earn While You Learn.

You can Earn While You Learn on our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching Course. Another reason for watching our Free Counselling Course

#3 Avoid Income Insecurity

The mindset that is cultivated in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching is to recognise the value you have to offer as a therapist and to get into the habit of charging (just a small fee at first) for your services. One of the biggest issues graduates from counselling courses face is the difficulty around charging clients after doing voluntary work. Learning Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching first means you won’t have this problem. You’ll have gotten into the habit of charging a fair price for your services and for acknowledgeing your value as a therapist.

#4 You Only Need a Few Clients Per Month

If you offer Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching services for just two or three days per month, you’ll earn enough to help pay the tuition fees for your counselling course, the travel expenses for voluntary work and for your lengthy supervision sessions.

#5 Hypnotherapy – Empowering You To Feel Effective

Hypnotherapy is considered to be the original Positive Psychology. In hypnotherapy, we shift focus from what is wrong with you to what is right with you. Therefore it’s a very positive form of therapy and an empowering way to start your counselling career. Plus while you are learning counselling skills on your counselling course you are doing what you love – helping others.

#6 Increase or Reduce Your Clients Quickly and Easily

Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy are brief solution focused therapies. Therefore you quickly reduce the number of clients you are seeing as the work load on your counselling course increases.

#7 Trance Free Hypnosis To Reach More Clients

Mind Coaching is very practical. Most trainee counsellors and psychotherapists love it because it doesn’t involve hypnosis or having to put people into trance.

#8 101 Therapy Interventions In Your Pocket

Not only that, but if you decide to learn Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching before you take a counselling course, you’ll also get access to 101 Therapy Interventions that you can store on your phone. This means you’ll never be stuck for something practical and effective to do with your clients.

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Another Free Counselling Course from Susan Wallace

If you enjoyed this short free counselling course then you’ll love the next one I have created especially for counsellors and psychotherapists. It will show you how to ‘Install a Confidence App in the Brain’. This course was originally posted on our UK website and got a huge positive response for counsellors and psyhotherapists in the UK> It will work just as well for you, if you want an extra hit of confidence and it will do wonders for your clients.

You can sign up for it from our home page here.

This article was written by Susan Wallace, Susan is the Principal of Hypnotherapy Business Academy (Ireland) and Results Academy in the UK. For more information on Susan’s courses or if you’d like to touch base in person, call Susan on 086 343 2992.