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Welcome to Hypnotherapy Business Academy.  My name is Susan Wallace.  I want to help you kick-start your career in professional therapy and I’ve put together some great free courses for you.

Each course is jam-packed full of valuable content so you can learn quickly and easily.  My free hypnosis courses are a sample of the quality training you can expect when you book hypnotherapy training with us.

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Would you like me to teach you how to conduct your full first session of hypnotherapy with a new client?  If so, sign-up for our most popular online course Hypnotherapy Essentials.

When it comes to free hypnosis courses, our 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists webinar will explain EVERYTHING you need to learn if you’d like to learn the same tools used by Tony Robbins, Marissa Peer, Richard Bandler or Paul McKenna.

The most popular of our free hypnosis courses for Counsellors and Psychotherapists is called Installing a Confidence App in the Brain.  This short online course will teach you highly effective Positive Psychology and Strategic Hypnotherapy skills without the need to put someone in a DEEP TRANCE.

This is just a small sample of our free hypnosis courses.  We regularly produce LOTS MORE.  Once you sign-up for one, I’ll automatically keep you updated on new free hypnosis courses are they are released.

Lots of therapists ask me why do I produce so much high quality free content and the answer is simple.  I’m the ‘therapists therapist’ 🙂

I’m here to help you…

Be the Best.

Have the Best.

Give YOUR Best to YOUR Clients.