Learn How To Increase Confidence and Self Esteem by Installing a Confidence App in the Brain

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This free NLP training course will show you how to Increase Confidence by Installing a Confidence App in the Brain.  It's brought to you by Susan Wallace at Hypnotherapy Business Academy.  It's an updated version of the Circle of Excellence technique, sometimes called the Ring of Power and attributed to John Grinder, one of the Founding Fathers of NLP.  It's a sophisticated but simple anchoring technique to help your clients connect to their confidence and their power.  This free NLP training course is a small sample of the techniques Susan teaches on her Triple Diploma course.  So before you take a full NLP training course, try this technique out on two people.

First of all, try it out on yourself.  We become great ambassadors for the work we do when we have got personal experience of how beneficial great Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and NLP can be.

Then when you're ready, try it out on one of your clients!  It's highly effective with a wide range of clients from teens and young adults, to persons uncomfortable in social settings such as public speaking to golfers who have the Yips on the putting green or taking a tee shot.

Then if you'd like another free NLP course, why not check out my conversational hypnosis video on Client Commitment.  It's designed to help you get out of your comfort zone by tweaking your mind-set around some of the challenges so many therapists face.  You can watch the 12 minute Master Class by clicking <<< here >>>.

Installing a Confidence App in the Brain

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