How to Help Your Clients Install a Confidence App in their Brain using Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology and NLP

This free online hypnotherapy course will show you how to help your clients step into their confidence and rise up to the challenges they face. It is one of the many techniques I teach on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course in Ireland and in England.

This free online course is perfect if you want to learn how to connect with Generation Z or your younger clients in a completely different way.

How this free online hypnotherapy course can help your clients

Maybe you have a client who is nervous or anxious about doing something and you’re not sure how to help. Perhaps they need to

  • Make a presentation or speech
  • Tackle a phobia or fear
  • Stand up to a bully
  • Compete in a sporting competition
  • Overcome a mental block
  • Ask for a raise or
  • Become more sociable in social situations.

In fact this technique will work for any kind of activity that takes your clients out of their comfort zone.

Watch the first video to get insights into how great therapy works

Watch this video to learn exactly how to use the Circle of Excellence with your own clients!

This hypnotherapy training video is 100% please feel free to share this web page with your therapy colleagues.

In the video above you’ll learn the step-by-step process to use the Circle of Excellence technique with your clients.

Great therapy starts with great questions!

Pay attention to the questions I ask! Notice how I obtain the information I need so I can create hypnotic suggestions that are tailored to my clients’ specific goals. I also ask for examples of times in the past when my client felt confident. Gathering the right information is key to developing a great therapy session. Notice how everything is planned and prepared in advance so that everything about this session is specific to the client I’m working with.

Stand UP! Let’s do this!

What’s great about this session is that therapy doesn’t have to be done sitting down. You’ll encourage your client to stand up and experience hypnotic engagement while moving around. You’ll notice how flexible this technique is – it can even be used with golfers on the putting green!

Two Explainer Videos

Positive Psychology helps our clients learn how to manage challenges, face adversity and how to flourish under fire.

The Mask of Zorro – Explainer Video #1 for the Circle of Excellence technique

The Mask of Zorro – Explainer Video #2 for the Circle of Excellence technique

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