Become a gastric band hypnoTHERapist AND MIND coach

Learn how to create your own signature workshops, online products and group weight loss therapy.  This is a self-paced course that is delivered online.  When  you sign-up you will get instant access to the course videos, course manual, client workbook and swipe files in the hub.

You are about to learn highly effective cognitive behavioural weight loss hypnotherapy that will stand the test of time...


Learn how to create your own Signature Weight Loss programmes so you become recognised as a leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

By taking this course, you will become certified as a fully qualified Hypno Gastric Band Hypnotherapist with the skills to offer effective weight loss therapy to thousands of clients who want to lose weight permanently.  

On this online course you will learn everything you need to confidently and effectively deliver Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy to your clients.


Underpinning the course are the best cognitive behavioural strategies for weight loss therapy. These are the most important part of the package because they deal with the thought processes and behaviours that are stopping your clients from losing weight.

The global weight loss therapy market is worth an estimated US$170 billion annually.  Obesity is a rising challenge and people are searching desperately for answers. But you already know pills and supplements are not the answer. The answer lies within. The answer lies in our unconscious programming. By taking this course you’ll be able to help your clients access the faulty programming that is the root cause of their weight loss problems.

One of the worlds leading bariatric surgeons explained that it’s not the stomach that is the problem – it’s the way people think about and behave around food that is causing the obesity epidemic.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy >  A Lasting Solution to a Growing Problem

Because the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy course is underpinned by the best cognitive behavioural strategies you can be certain that you will deliver the best possible therapy to your clients.  Here’s what you will get from the course:

Six sessions Cognitive Behavioural approach to Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
How to deliver a powerful Virtual Band Fitting experience
How to manage perceived failure and setbacks so your client stays motivated and gets results
Why the single session Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is doomed to fail and how to turn Gastric Band Hypnotherapy into a revenue-generating goldmine
How to harness the popularity of The Gastric Band and give your clients cutting edge weight loss therapy that delivers results.
Why Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is more powerful than Gastric Band Surgery and the Lap-Band Surgical procedure
How to rebrand the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy package into your own Bespoke or Signature Weight Loss services, products, seminars and webinars that attract high-paying clients.

That’s a LOT of resources for you as a THERAPIST and a set of SKILLS that will last you a lifetime. Because our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course is underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy, it will never grow old or become yesterday’s news.  Additional bonus mp3s to help you get started FAST on your journey towards great weight loss therapy.

Junk Food Destroyer mp3  |  Universal Weight Loss suggestions mp3  |Virtual Gastric Band Surgery session just for you mp3  |Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Backing Track

Is The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course For You?

Are you feeling stuck financially in your therapy practice?
Do you struggle to find high-paying clients who are committed to doing the work?
Do you feel you can’t capture your share of the weight loss market because you don’t have the right weight loss product?
Would you like a ‘done for you’ weight loss premium package that is proven to deliver lasting results to your clients?
Would you like a ‘done for you’ weight loss workshop so you can promote your therapy services to larger groups of people?
Would you like to rebrand the Hypno Gastric Band programme and deliver your own therapy to your clients?

If the answer is yes to even one of these questions, then this Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course is 100% for you.



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Here's What's Waiting Inside...

Instant access to the course material
LIVE on Zoom training to get you focused and fearless in the weight loss space
Videos and explanations of each of the six sessions of hypnotherapy
Downloadable course manual
Editable course workbook
Swipe files and handouts for your clients and for group workshops
Deep dive training into how to conduct the Virtual Band Hypnotherapy session
Full transcripts and demonstrations of techniques to make delivery easy
BONUS:  mp3 Backing Track for the Virtual Gastric Band surgery session
BONUS:  Weight loss hypnotherapy mp3s to show you how easy it is to make quality weight loss saleable products for your weight loss clients
BONUS: Support to help you create your own Signature Weight Loss programmes for your clients. Deliver in-person, in groups or in an online course.

Accreditation through Hypnosis Academy (Ireland) and Results Academy (UK)

This course is fully accredited by Hypnotherapy Business Academy (Ireland) and Results Academy (UK). This discounted price is only available for our Triple Diploma graduates only.  Visit this page HERE if you would like to become a professional hypnotherapist.  Learn Gastric Band Hypnosis and start seeing weight loss clients today. This online course is considered the most comprehensive hypno band course on the market.

Voted 5 Stars by Professional Hypnotherapists As Best Value For Money Online Course

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