Healing Attachment Wounds Through Soma Hypnosis

Saturday 25 November Online or in Dublin
10am to 5:30pm for just €195

This course also includes online follow up on Tuesday 28th November 2023 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

* You don't need experience with hypnotherapy to join this course

Work Directly With The Soma and Body Memories To Begin The Process of Healing Attachment Wounds Through Hypnosis

Trauma hypnotherapy often starts with a conversation about self worth. Watch the Master Class to learn more.

Two questions that get out out of talking about trauma and into doing trauma hypnotherapy fast. Watch the Master Class.

No matter what kind of coach, therapist or healer you may be. No matter who your clients are or what they come to see you for – there are a few universal truths that will always ring true.

Our Learning Outcomes for Saturday 25th November 2023  - In Person & Online Are:

Use a Powerful Metaphor To Help Clients Understand their Attachment Style
Become clear and focused on our SIX treatment outcomes when working with attachment wounds
Become a Model of Secure Attachment for your clients
How to use the Triune Brain Model and Brain In the Hand To Help Clients Make Sense of 'I don't know why'
Learn how to tune into the Soma Narrative - What Peter Levin calls 'the Unspoken Voice'
Use the FOUR top-of-mind questions to help clients with attachment challenges
Teach your clients the one sentence that ends relationship sabotage and strengthens all relationships
Learn FOUR soma based approaches to recognising and healing attachment wounds
Work with the soma narrative and use Empowering Actions and Defensive Responses to heal attachment wounds
Watch Demonstrations and Engage In Practice Sessions

Healing Attachment Through Hypnosis is a core module within the Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis Advanced Diploma course.  This one day primer will give you the skills to work with your clients subconscious, insecure attachment template.

If any of your clients had childhood caregivers that at times were inconsistent, dismissive, disorganised or downright distant in how they gave them love, then the chances are high that they have developed attachment insecurities.  They bring these insecurities to hypnotherapy and their attachment template can inadvertently sabotage their long term success. 

On this course, you will develop a deeper understanding of how childhood attachment survival challenges show up in life and in hypnotherapy and you will develop specific strategies to work with your clients insecure attachment style and help Heal their Attachment Wounds Through Hypnosis.

You don’t need any experience of using hypnotherapy to attend this course.  You’ll get great value whilst learning a new set of emotion and body based hypnotherapy skills.  Please note you must complete the recommended 120 hours of face to face training and the additional research as laid down by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council to work ethically with clients and to obtain valid professional indemnity and public liability insurance as a professional hypnotherapist. 

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