Healing Core Wounds and Re-Parenting Through Hypnosis

Healing the Inner Child | Re-Parenting Through Hypnosis | Healing Core Wounds

This course is for you if you are interested in learning how to deliver specific hypnotherapy interventions to help clients heal from  attachment wounds and core wounds.  You will learn specific hypnotherapy interventions to help your clients do inner child work and develop internal reparenting skills to modify difficult early attachment experiences and develop a more secure way of relating to others from an attachment science perspective.  You will also learn multiple Mind Coaching processes to help them modify negative core beliefs.

Two Days of Deep Dive CPD In-Person and/or Online Training

Saturday 19 November, Live Online
Sunday 20 November Live In the Marino Institute, Dublin and Online

Healing Core Wounds and Re-Parenting Through Hypnosis is a two day course that teaches easy to deliver, yet effective hypnotherapy interventions to help clients heal core wounds and attachment injuries through hypnosis.

Where Healing Attachment Through Hypnosis focused on applying the theory behind attachment trauma and using timeline techniques to identify how attachment trauma was held in the soma (body), this course is focused on teaching you very specific hypnosis focused interventions to Heal the Core Wounds that develop from Childhood and Adult Attachment Injuries. The objective of this work is to help your clients develop a more secure attachment style and more effective ways of relating to others.

You will come away with specific strategies to provide effective, corrective emotional, cognitive and soma experiences through hypnosis to...

Help Clients Discover and Verbalise Core Wounds (Mind Coaching process)
Strategy to Forgive Attachment Injuries and Core Wounds (when applicable)
Begin the Process of Healing their Inner Child (hypnotherapy intervention)
Develop Self Reparenting Skills (hypnotherapy intervention)
Recognising and Claiming Ownership of their True Self (hypnotherapy intervention)
We will revise the Time Line Therapy techniques to explore attachment and develop more secure ways of bonding in adulthood
Mind Coaching process to modify Core Beliefs
We will revise the four soma (body) focused interventions with your clients to help them explore, understand, shift and shape their attachment style
Learn the case history questions that will help you discover if Core Wounds or Attachment Injuries are present

Words Clients Use That Point Us To Attachments Wounds That Result in Core Wounds and Negative Core Beliefs

There are questions we can ask when taking a case history that help us to recognise that there are core wounds that need healing.  Additionally, clients often use words and phrases that help point the way.  They include but are not limited to:

I feel disconnected
I’m lacking or I’m not enough
I don’t understand why I act this way
I’m struggling with relationships
I gave so much of myself away, I’ve nothing left for me
I don’t feel whole 
I feel like I don’t belong
I feel I’ve denied myself
I feel like I’m punishing myself, sabotaging myself
There’s things I want but I’m denying myself or holding back

... and I don’t know why

This course will help your clients answer this all important 'why'

Course Dates Saturday and Sunday 19 and 20 November 2022

Saturday 1Oam to 5:00pm Online
Sunday 10am to 5pm Online and Live in the Marino Institute, Dublin
Cost:  €195 for two days of training
Resources:  Professional Healing Core Wounds Through Hypnosis course manual.  All client handouts and worksheets.  Access to all lectures and downloadable handouts in the Client Learning Centre.  Unrestricted access for 12 months.
Breaks:  There is a cafe and restaurant in the College where you can purchase a range of hot and cold lunches.  Both close at 2pm.
Certification:  Professional Certificate in Healing Core Wounds and Re-Parenting Through Hypnosis will be presented to each participant upon completion of the course on Sunday afternoon.  Online students will receive their certificate by post.
Experience:  No experience of working with hypnosis is required to join this course.  However completion of a full diploma course is required to use hypnotherapy in a professional capacity and to obtain the necessary professional indemnity insurance.

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