Saturday 11 February in the Marino Institute in Dublin
10am to 5:30pm (or online) for just €95

This course also includes online follow up on Monday 13th February 2023 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

* You don't need experience with hypnotherapy to join this course

Certificate in Healing Self Sabotage Through Soma Hypnosis

Get Certified in Body Based Hypnosis To Work With Self Sabotage from Childhood Challenges

Trauma hypnotherapy often starts with a conversation about self worth. Watch the Master Class to learn more.

Two questions that get out out of talking about trauma and into doing trauma hypnotherapy fast. Watch the Master Class.

No matter what kind of coach, therapist or healer you may be. No matter who your clients are or what they come to see you for – there are a few universal truths that will always ring true.

Our Learning Outcomes for Saturday 11th February 2023  - In Person & Online Are:

Master Two Questions That Get You Out of Talking and Into Doing Trauma Therapy Fast
Deliver the Powerful Metaphor To Introduce Soma (Body) Hypnosis To Clients
Tune into the Soma Narrative - What Peter Levin calls 'the Unspoken Voice'
Use Five Step Soma Hypnosis Process 
Modify Memory In The Body with Soma Hypnosis 
Watch Demonstrations and Engage In Practice Sessions

Healing Self Sabotage Through Soma Hypnosis will teach you soma (body) hypnosis to modify implicit memory from pre-verbal attachment wounds and trauma.   This can show up as issues around self-sabotage, procrastination, lowered self-esteem, self-efficacy, self worth, lack of motivation, lack of self belief, too little energy or too much energy and many more client client challenges.

Reserve Your Place With a Deposit of €50 via PayPal
Pay the balance of €50 on the day of training

Saturday 11 February in the Marino Institute in Dublin (or online)

10am to 5:30pm

You don’t need any experience of using hypnotherapy to attend this course.  You’ll get great value from this course and you’ll have a new set of body based therapy skills that you can use to help yourself or add to your professional practice.