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Before you book any hypnotherapy course you need to know exactly where you are going, what you'll get from the hypnosis course and how it will support you and your clients.

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Work With Short and Long Term Hypnotherapy Clients

You need a healthy mix of both short term and long term clients in your hypnotherapy practice.  You also need to know which clients will respond well to rapid, solution focused hypnotherapy and which ones will not.  On this course you'll discover that we show up in a completely different way when we are working with clients who have experienced trauma.  

Sit In The Mud With Confidence and Provide Space for Emotion

You'll learn how to sit in the mud and listen in a  very deep and meaningful way when your clients are sharing body memories - the trauma response set that is trapped in the body.   You'll learn when it's right to interrupt them and how to stop them reliving the experience over and over again.  Plus you'll learn to recognise which emotions will help them process and move on and which emotions will only keep them stuck in the trauma response set

Hypnotherapy Career Security and Sustainability Comes When You Have Both Long Term and Short Term Hypnotherapy Clients

Imagine how good it will be when you open your appointment diary and you know that your 'regular' clients are booked in each and every week.  How good will it be for them to know that you are there for them - week in and week out.  How good will it be for them to know there is one person who truly understands them - who gets them.  This level of service is priceless.  Knowing you have long term clients allows you to plan your diary in such a way so you can take long holidays and still be able to provide great value for your clients.  On the Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis ® I will show you how. 

Join Susan Wallace on the Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis ®, advanced diploma in hypnotherapy course.  Train to become a Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist ® and take the most advanced hypnotherapy training course that is unmatched by any course in Europe, USA or UK.  You'll learn evidence based psycho-hypno-therapy.

You can learn hypnotherapy online with Susan Wallace or join Susan in Dublin.  You'll work with and meet students from around the world. 

Healing Trauma Course Overview - watch and see how you can become an Emotion and Soma Focused Hypnotherapist who is qualified to Heal Trauma Through Hypnosis with Susan Wallace.