when Work Related Anxiety Reveals Unprocessed Sexual and Psychological Abuse

Case Book Files:  Unprocessed Sexual Abuse.  To protect the confidentiality of this client, I've blended the experiences of three clients I seen around the same time.  Each presented with a similar legacy of body memories from traumatic experiences.  One was a high performing business woman, one was a male sex worker and one was a functioning heroin addict in the entertainment industry.  We focus on the case of the high performing business woman.

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Here's What We Are Discussing Today:

Here's what we cover in the two short videos. You'll develop insights into how trauma hypnotherapy works, why it takes time and why it is the most amazing work we are privileged to do.

Solution Focused Approach: How solution focused hypnotherapy works well but has limitations when it comes to unconscious, unprocessed, traumatic body memories and repressed cognitions.
Phase 2 of Trauma Hypnotherapy: Compartmentalising Traumatic Memories with a Positive Hallucination.
Avoiding False Memory and Confabulation: How to avoid regression into traumatic memories.
Taking Leadership of the Situation: How to ad lib to create safety and stabilisation and break state to stop re-traumatising clients.
Three Words That Avoid Leading and Confabulation of Traumatic Memories: These words ensure clients don't say 'if feels like it's happening all over again' when body memories and repressed memories surface.
When A Window Becomes a Trauma Grounding Kit: When repressed experience bubbles up and makes sense of what is happening today.
When One Terrible Experience Shapes Our Identity: How we show up in life today is often because of the difficult experiences we faced in life, they shape our identity and what we focus on and what we avoid.
How The Trauma Story Tumbled Out: When awful words create a freeze response and hypnotise a clients to believe she's only good for one thing and not even good at that.  Emotional hurt was worse than the physical demands placed upon her.
Sometimes the Verbal Narrative Comes Last: In this case my client presented with a traumatic 'body narrative'. There was no verbal narrative, no story, until my client felt safe with someone who could help them process it in a compassionate and professional way.
How a Simple Thing Like Breathing Triggered Traumatic Body Memories: When awful words create a freeze response and hypnotise a clients to believe she's only good for one thing and not even good at that.
Phase 2: Goal of Trauma Hypnotherapy: To enable our clients to share their verbal narrative without triggering the cascade of intolerable body memories. To release those body memories and teach our clients to access their Window of Tolerance if their body starts remembering or re-experiencing.  
Non Regression and Freeze Frame Dissociation: Getting our client to be a detective to understand traumatic body responses that are alive and triggered by something in our daily experience.
Creating Space and Separating Events: Finishing the session with safety and stabilisation and suggestions to create distance and separation between what happened back then and what is happening in the office now.
We Don't Need To Go Back, We Need To Process The Legacy of Body Memories: In Phase 2 we work with what is alive in our clients experience. We find and work with the emotional handles to take our clients instantly into whatever experience is most beneficial to work on.  Not into the past but into the experience of the body memories so they can be processed and our client can be released from them.
When Words Are Hammered Violently Into The Subconscious Mind and Become The Blueprint for Insecure Avoidant Attachment:  As a result this client never had a meaningful relationship and instead young kittens became a source of secure attachment for her. She never kept one, never felt 'deserving' to hold onto that level of love.
The Happy Every After:  I end the second video discussing Phase 3 and the Integration of Lost Aspects of the Self.
Taking Care of the Aspect of Self That Is Deserving:  In Phase 3, we used the experience of 'taking care of kittens' as the blueprint by which she could begin to nurture and take care of the part of her that was lost - the part that was deserving of love.
Dating and Moving Past Avoidant Tendencies and Developing Sexual Confidence:  Healing Traumatic Experiences Through Hypnosis, and through any other form of psychotherapy takes time.  Clients stay with you because you are the only one who really sees understands them, therefore they want you to be there every step of the way as they find their way.  This client had to learn how to be intimate, sexual, vulnerable, receive pleasure and give pleasure. The very nature of intimacy and sexual climax takes us out of our Window of Tolerance and up into hyper-arousal, therefore it was important our client could experience the positive benefits of hyper-arousal and her body to enjoy what once were trauma memories - rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, emotional and mental overwhelm, tingling and physical acts as joyful, intimate, expressions of love and deserved giving and taking of pleasure.
The Most Amazing Work You Will Ever Do Is Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis:  I end the second video with a gentle reminder that this is the most enlightening, life affirming, deeply gratifing work we can do. It's a privilege when our clients subconscious mind and their emotional command system feel so safe with us that what is hidden and avoided feels safe to surface.

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