Specialise In Deep Phased Work and Heal Trauma Through Hypnosis

More and more people are living with and through the experience of trauma.  The events of recent years are causing a massive increase in mental health, physical, emotional and psychological problems – stress, anxiety, depression, lack of connection to the self and others, irrational fear, grief from losing loved ones without proper closure, ethnic, sexual, gender identity challenges, natural disasters, war and displacement are causing and will cause a tsunami of unprecedented demand for trauma therapy for decades to come.

You Can Help Heal Trauma – But First Let’s Look At Common Limiting Beliefs

And you can be there to help and support trauma survivors – if you decide to specialise in trauma work.

But here’s the thing. Many professional therapists believe that trauma therapy is beyond the scope of their abilities and don’t learn the phased work required to support clients who present with post traumatic symptoms. Therefore the vast majority of trauma survivors are left on psychologists waiting lists for years and have no one locally to turn to for support and therapy.

Many therapists believe that providing the deep phased work that is the hallmark of effective trauma therapy is beyond the scope of their abilities or when they go and look for course they find it difficult to find one that will give them the confidence and skills that they need to do this deep work.

Hypnotherapy is the Original Trauma Therapy

But there’s another problem, most of the general public doesn’t realise is that hypnotherapy is the original trauma therapy.

Back in the 1800’s, Pierre Janet was the first therapist to develop a systematic, phase orientated treatment of post traumatic stress, hysteria and trauma. His approach relied heavily on the use of hypnosis. He taught a treatment that consisted of three phases of hypnotic treatment that are still being used today by trauma trainers and experts all over the world.

Now for the first time since the 1800’s hypnotherapists are reclaiming ownership of their legacy are you can now learn how to heal trauma through hypnosis on the only advanced healing trauma through hypnosis course on the market.

Learning how to do deep phased trauma therapy work requires a radical shift in how you deliver your coaching and hypnotherapy services.

Moving From Solution Focused Work to Process Focused Work

You see on the Triple Diploma course you became a solution-focused hypnotherapist and mind coach who offers brief therapy that delivers results within a short time frame

Whereas on the Advanced Diploma in Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis you will become a process focused traumatologist who will harness the benefits of using slow techniques such as resourcing, titration and pendulation to help your clients move through the three phases of trauma therapy so they can experience post traumatic growth.

Stabilise Traumatic Symptoms, Process Traumatic Memories and Recover and Connect

This course will give you the qualifications and skills to help your clients stabilise traumatic symptoms, process traumatic memories and recover and reconnect with their body, their past and their lives.

You simply cannot rush through phased trauma work with clients. Each phase takes time. Sometimes it’s three steps forward and one step back as clients learn to release procedural memory blocks and complete survival responses that promote full body healing.

Susan Wallace, Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist

If you are inspired to work with clients who are or who have experienced trauma then I’m going to tell you something you already know…

You’ve Been Preparing For This Advanced Diploma Course Your Whole Life

From the events and experiences you had when you were a small child – both good and bad, through to the grown-up adventures of falling in love with people, projects or worthwhile causes and then finding yourself falling to the floor and being swallowed up by grief, pain, frustration, fear, loss or abandonment.

Your lived experiences of what you’ve seen, felt, heard and witnessed over the years have given you the foundation to take this course and become a great trauma therapist. You are ready to merge your own wisdom and understanding with evidence-based skills so you can release others from the effects of trauma, help repair their lives and encourage them to recover their identity and freedom.

The Advanced Diploma in Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course is a perfect fit for you if you are ready to

  • sit with clients, with your
  • mouth closed and your heart open and
  • give space to the experiences your clients bring to therapy.

This course is for you, if you have learned that you don’t need to speak as much as you need to listen, that it is the space you provide that creates the environment for healing.

And when you do speak you will be able to hold back on good advice instead preferring to ask the right question.

When it comes to providing support ,you’ll learn how to step in at exactly the right moment and show your client what they can do to welcome peace, healing, space and light into their body and bring it up into their awareness and out into the world.

This course will take you through each step in the phased work process, one step at a time, so you become comfortable welcoming and working with long term clients.

When you take the Triple Di in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online therapy you develop the skills to provide solution focused therapy to short term clients.

When you take the advanced diploma in healing trauma Through Hypnosis you develop the skills to provide process focused therapy to long term clients.

Couple both courses together and you will be able to welcome a diverse portfolio of clients into your practice. You’ll have more peace of mind and security while delivering rewarding results to your clients.

Registration is now open for the Advanced Diploma in Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis. To book your place call me direct or book yourself in for a Clarity Call or call me direct so I can help you make the best of this course.

This is Susan Wallace. Thanks for listening and for your leadership.

I’m here to help you Be the best. Have the Best and Give your Best.

Happy Hypnotising.