How To Get Free Hypnotherapy Training

There is a simple way to get free hypnotherapy training and it’s now what you think. You can get free hypnotherapy training while are learning hypnotherapy with me in class.

But to get it, you’ll need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Watch the free Master Class below and I’ll show you how to get Free Hypnotherapy Training while you’re on my Triple Diploma course. You see if you’re willing to start seeing clients before you graduate then you can pretty much train for free.

You see if you join me on the Triple Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Theray, then I’ll help you earn your course fees back while you are still learning therapy skills.

You Only Need One Therapy Client Per Month To Train To Diploma Level for Free!

The way it works is simple.  You just need to see one therapy client per month to cover the costs of earning three diplomas on one great course. One client per month will pay the costs of training to be a therapist.

The Best Reason To Learn Hypnotherapy Before You Study Hypnotherapy or Counselling

One of the benefits of learning hypnotherapy before taking a counselling or psychotherapy course is that you start seeing clients after completing three modules on our Triple Diploma course. I’ve written about the benefits of learning hypnotherapy first in this post here.

I’ll Be There Every Step of The Way!

Now, because you’re still learning therapy, you’ll be limited in the kinds of challenges you can work with. But you’ll be able to work with clients who want to lose weight, quit nicotine and become more confident and motivated. And I’ll give you time in class to practice on other students (under my direct supervision) before you see your paid clients. Plus, I’ll be there every step of the way so you’ll have the support you need and when you need it most.

Tried and Tested Strategies To Make Your First Client Sessions Super Easy!

Now you might be terrified at the idea of seeing fee-paid clients and that’s understandable. But I’ll help you. I’ll even provide you with a tried and tested session structure so that it’s super easy for you

Here’s How To Learn Hypnotherapy For Free

So if you want to learn hypnotherapy for free. Then ask yourself this…

Are you willing to see just one client per month?
Would you be willing to charge €150 for that therapy package?

If so, then you can use that fee to pay your course fees of just €150.

And you might be saying…

But Susan! that’s too much to ask!

And you might be right, if, IF you don’t know how to create the right kind of therapy package to make it a win-win situation for you and your client.

Give Clients What They Want > Results!

You see our clients don’t want cheap and cheerful – what they really want are results and the therapist who can provide results – is the one that will win the most clients.

So if you decide to join me on the Triple Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy, then I’ll show you how to create a great therapy package for one specific client challenge such as quitting smoking or vaping, or losing weight or becoming confident and motivated.  Did I mention that I’ll even give you the session structure for the therapy sessions?

Then all you have to do is to deliver that one package to one new client every month and you’ll be able to train to be a therapist for free. 

Offer the same package to the same client segment every month – this will cut down on your workload and your stress!  Now I suggest that you see lots of clients for that one specific challenge. You will quickly develop some expertise in one particular area. Then when you get bored of that you can offer a therapy package to another client group. Simple huh?

This strategy means that you’ll get lots of practice working with real life clients and your confidence will grow stronger and stronger each and every month.

Let’s Do This! Join me on the Triple Diploma Course > Starting Soon!

Now if you decide to sign up for the next Triple Diploma course, then I promise you, you’ll be ready to start seeing paid clients in January – and January is when everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions and because of that, you’ll have plenty of clients to choose from.

The Psychology Behind Free Hypnotherapy Training

There is a great saying in psychology that goes like this

People pay for what they love and people love what they pay for!

So if hypnotherapy training was truly free, the chances are that you wouldn’t value it as much as you will value it when you pay for it.

So I’m encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. Work with me. Follow my suggestions and you’ll get the results.

The Small Print

I want to reassure you that here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy we do things right. Before you see your first paid client you’ll have completed three modules of training with me. You’ll have watched multiple demonstrations, done lots of practice sessions and you’ll have applied for your student insurance so you can start working with real clients.

You’ll be fully prepared in advance to work with clients and any questions, fears, doubts or worries you may have will be properly addressed in class.

Start Small > Mean Business

Remember also that you won’t be able to work with deeper challenges at this early stage but that too will come – in time. Here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy, we encourage you to start small but to mean business.

Let’s build your therapy practice on firm foundations. Let’s get you out there working with clients so that you have the full support of your tutor (me) and all your classmates to help you manage any challenges that might come your way.

No other top course provider will help you get on your feet as fast as we can! Countless students who have trained with Tony Robbins, Marrissa Peer, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and many more have joined us on our Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching course.