How To Get Hypnotherapy Clients You Will Love With This Fun Metaphor

How To Get Hypnotherapy Clients You Will Love starts by watching this short video and learning how to get hypnosis clients into your practice. I will share a little piece of marketing psychology in a fun metaphor – because we all know our subconscious mind learns best through stories and metaphors!

Marketing for Hypnotherapists

Marketing for hypnotherapists starts by reaching out to potential clients with an inspirational marketing message that will attract their attention and showcase your expertise. Just because they will find you on a professional register doesn’t mean that they will pick up the phone to speak to you or send you a message.

To Get Hypnotherapy Clients Requires the Mindset Shift You’ll See On The Mini Master Class Video

This can be done through your website or your social media. But to be successful at getting hypnotherapy clients requires a mindset shift so you DON’T do what so many hypnotherapists do.

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many hypnotherapists make is…

Putting a big list of all the things hypnotherapy can help with on your website, your brochure and your social media. In this short MasterClass I introduce a metaphor to help you understand the importance of creating what I call ‘therapy packages’.

Learn the two skills you need to build a successful hypnotherapy practice…

There are only two things you need to do well if you want to build a successful hypnotherapy practice and work with the kind of clients that will energise you and inspire you to do your best work. If you are already trained in hypnotherapy then you should know how to deliver great results.

Skill Number One: Deliver Great Results

If you don’t know how to Deliver Great Results, check out my


Skill Number Two: Get Great Clients

The only other skill you need to run a successful coaching and therapy practice is to know how to Get Great Clients


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Asking potential clients for a fee is a big challenge for so many new therapists. It can even be a struggle for the many counsellors and psychotherapists who choose to learn hypnotherapy with me.

In this short 15 minute Master Class, I’ll show you the professional way to ask for a fee and how to do it in a way that feels authentic and natural for you. You can watch it for free by clicking << HERE >>