How To Start a Hypnotherapy Practice

Starting a Hypnotherapy Practice starts with strategic planning and learning how to minimise the amount of time you waste doing office work that takes you away from finding hypnotherapy clients. The key to success is to spend less time doing office administration and more time working with your clients. This is the most efficient way to start a hypnotherapy career.

Get Great Clients By Developing Professional Routines

Spend a small amount of time this week, developing professional routines to minimise your office workload. Building a hypnotherapy business takes time and a little bit of consistent effort. Estabilshing professional routines will make sure that your clients see that you are a professional hypnotherapist with a professional practice.

In this short video, I’ll show you some of the handouts, brochures and infographics you can make quickly and easily using online software. But more importantly than that, we will look at HOW you can use them.

Plus we will look at the advantages of signing up for the Get Great Clients online course and WHY good copywriting is essential if you want to grow a successful and rewarding hypnotherapy practice. I explain the importance of this in the blog video where I introduce the metaphor of the restaurant with the highly qualified chef and the boring menu. PS: You’re the chef in this short masterclass!

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