How to Start and Grow a Coaching and Therapy Practice in 3 Easy Steps

Start and Grow a Coaching and Therapy Business in Three Easy Steps

Watch the MasterClass above and learn…

  • How to create Client Packages worth €250 and €550
  • Why I encourage all my students to ‘Test the Results’
  • The Easy Way to Build a Successful Practice even if you have limited Time, Money and Experience

Since I recorded this mini Master Class we have had the COVID-19 health crisis. That has caused us to make changes to the way we are delivering our courses this year. But the good news is that if you join us, I will honour the free early bird bonuses you see on this video. Simply send me an email telling me you want the early bird bonus offers. Click on the image below to see the new dates format and don’t worry, if you are unable to attend on Sundays – you can still work from home. We have a live feed for all students who are unable to attend on Sundays.

Book Your FREE Clarity Call with Susan Wallace

Book a thirty minute call with Susan to help overcome self sabotage, discover opportunities you may be missing out on and get energised and inspired to release the true value and financial security from your skills.

You’ll be glad you did!

30 Minutes Too Long?

Join me for my 15 minute Clarity Call in my Private Online Therapy room instead.

Not only is it a great way to kick start a potential relationship with your new clients — it also has great benefits for you too. You get to:

  • KNOW your potential clients before they arrive for therapy. This breaks the ice and gives you the security of knowing they are a good fit for the work you do. Or if they aren’t, then you can refer them appropriately without having that uncomfortable realisation when they show up for therapy.
  • UNDERSTAND their obstacles and challenges and what they want to achieve. When you are just starting out the fear factor of the ‘unknown client’ is eliminated.
  • PLAN your therapy sessions in advance of working with them. When you get the chance to plan in advance it means that you can show up for the session feeling confident, prepared and relaxed.
  • REALISE that it works just as well for sessions in-person, in a group or online. Again it eliminates the fear, uncertainty and the discomfort of having someone book that isn’t right for you. Likewise, it energises, inspires you to do your best work when you find those clients that are the perfect fit for what you have to offer.