Hypno Healing Course
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Hypno Healing is a short course that teaches you how to deliver HypnoHealing to your clients. The Hypno Healing book is the first step towards learning how to become a Hypno Healing Practitioner.

Hypno Healing is a hypnotherapy course for Reiki Practitioners who want to start adding hypnotherapy to their skill set.  This primer is written by The Teaching Therapist Susan Wallace

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Here's What You Will Learn In the Hypno Healing Book

Hypno Healing is the perfect way to help your clients break free from the spells of childhood conditioning, unhelpful behaviours and sabotaging thoughts.  In this process we use a very gentle form of hypnotherapy called  Contemplative Hypnosis. This allows us to access what we call the Three Healing Fields.  As a Hypno Healer you'll provide your client with hypnotherapy sessions that works through these three fields.

You’ll learn how to:

Access the Hurt Field of Early Life Programming
Discover the four Universal Hurts of Betrayal, Abandonment, Guilt and Shame. Release the hurt and move on.
Work at the Edge of the Belief Horizon
Learn bio-cognition strategies to develop a supportive new belief system.
Access the Hope Field and Let Go of the Constructed Self and
Meet Your True Self
Acknowledge your self worth, witness your true self and
Embrace your true past, present and future life.

The first step on your journey towards becoming a Hypno Healer is to read the primer and become familiar with the three fields. 

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