Susan Wallace established the original Hypnosis Academy back in 1998. Since then many other hypnotherapy training providers have created other Hypnosis Academy’s. In particular, Igor Ledochowski started Hypnosis Training Academy, Karl Smith started UK Hypnosis Academy, and in Delhi there is the Indian Hypnosis Academy.

There is no link between Susan Wallace’s website and the new organisations that have adopted the Hypnosis Academy name.

Hypnosis Academy > The Home of Free Hypnotherapy Training with Susan Wallace

What makes Susan’s original Hypnosis Academy so unusual is Susan is happy to share hypnotherapy content that other hypnotherapy trainers usually charge hundreds of euros for. The short Master Class above explains how you can use the same 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists. These are some of the tools you’ll learn on the Triple Diploma course with Susan Wallace.

For example, on our home page HERE, you can sign-up for a wide range of free courses.

Learn How To Hypnotise in 10 Easy Steps

You can also learn how to hypnotise in ten easy steps on this web page HERE. Susan will show you exactly what to do during the very first session of hypnotherapy with a new client. This is the equivalent of a Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy that is offered to you completely free of charge.

Click on the red button above to gain instant access to the ten short hypnotherapy training videos. These are the Essentials of Hypnotherapy you need to start a career working as a professional hypnotherapist. You’ll learn these skills on the very first weekend of training with Susan on her Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy.

Learn More About the Triple Diploma Course in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching

Susan offers one of the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training courses in Ireland and the UK. The course is designed to ensure students are able to successfully build a sustainable therapy practice. Watch the short video to learn how the Ten Tools Used By Talented Therapists will help you deliver solutions-focused therapy to your clients.

Because Hypnosis Academy is used by other trainers Susan now has rebranded her school to Hypnotherapy Business Academy

However, the website name still remains the same as it was in 2009

5 ★ Testimonials from Great Graduates

Here’s a small selection of Facebook Reviews from some of our great students on our Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course. By the third module, (when the review was written) they had already completed two full case studies and had tested the results of the therapy to make sure their clients had made progress. One lady had used a lift for the first time in 40 year. One woman with a social phobia stepped out and found her confidence again.

Two students worked together on module 2 to bring about this amazing transformation. They are both going to become amazing therapists.

Read some of our great Hypnosis Academy testimonials and reviews by visiting this page HERE. It is because of our great students and graduates that we have been able to offer the best hypnotherapy courses at the original hypnosis academy for over fifteen years. So heartfelt thanks to all our amazing students, graduates and clients.

Be the Best. Have the Best. Give Your Best

Susan Wallace, Hypnosis Academy, 1998 – present