Hypnosis Training Reading List by Susan Wallace

Lots of students like to prepare for the course by asking me what my favourite hypnotherapy books are. As I’m a researcher as well as a practicing therapist I tend to go for evidenced based textbooks.  Therefore my library is extensive and leans toward authors such as Lynn, Kirsch, Yapko, Beck, Frisch, Fromm, Brown, Rossi, Erickson, Chaves and Spanos – books that would put most people into the wrong kind of trance!

So I don’t recommend that you go out and buy any books just yet.  I’ll be putting so many resources, handouts, mp3, videos and other stuff in the members area that it is best you focuses on these relevant resources when starting out.

As you move through the course you’ll begin to develop an understanding of which books are best to invest in.

So how can you prepare for the course?

My suggestion is this. Fall in love with hypnotherapy – if you haven’t already done so!

Above all, make sure you are subscribed to my Free Online Therapy School.  Every week you’ll get a new MasterClass of informative tools and mindset to help you become a successful therapist with a rewarding career.

Then go online. Read, watch or listen to whatever grabs your interest.  But remember, be consciously critical of what you read, see and hear- not everything you see on YouTube or on the internet is true 😂 Apply common sense and ask yourself ‘is this ethical, inclusive and client centred?’

Come to class with tons of questions and we can use them to develop clarity, objectivity and ethics.

Now if you really want to buy a book, buy this one to start!

There is one book that I really recommend.  Your local bookshop will order it in for you or you can get it from Kenny’s Online Bookshop.  They are Irish and you’ll be supporting local business. 


It’s an expensive book but it’s well worth the investment.  Don’t buy it until you’re ready to graduate tho’.  I’ll keep you well informed every step of the way.

Recommended Reading List

Then when you are ready you can begin to invest in some quality books for your bookshelf.

  • Tranceworks, Michael Yapko
  • Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, Edited by Rhue, Lynn and Kirsch
  • Hypnosis, Edited by Nicholas Spanos and John F Chaves
  • Creative Mastery in Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis for Erika Fromm, Fass and Brown
  • Hypnosis and Communication in Dental Practice, Simons, Potter and Temple
  • The Practice of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Robertson
  • The Answer Within, Lankton and Lankton
  • Creative Choice in Hypnosis, Rossi and Ryan
  • Patterns 1, Bandler and Grinder
  • Process Orientated Hypnosis, Yapko
  • Biology of Belief, Lipton
  • Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution, Hunter
  • Suggestions of Abuse, Yapko
  • Regression Hypnotherapy, Churchull

I will bring all of these books into class around halfway though the course so you can get a ‘feel’ for the books and see if their contents fits the clients you intend to work with.