Hypnotherapy Accreditation – It Really Does Matter!

Hypnotherapy Accreditation is really important and not all hypnotherapy courses are the same. Here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy, we give you THREE diplomas within one great course. You’ll earn a Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, a Diploma in Mind Coaching and a Diploma in Online Therapy. Plus you’ll be automatically approved to join some of the finest hypnotherapy associations in Europe.

Our  Triple Diploma Course meets international standards.  It has been assessed and validated to practitioner level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.  This ensures our curriculum meets the stringent U.K. standards for the regulation of therapy training providers.

Hypnotherapy Accreditation and Professional Membership

When you train with us you will provide you with free student membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). This is Europe’s biggest register of professional hypnotherapists. Membership of the GHR declares that you have therapy skills that are recognised worldwide. Additionally, you will also be eligible for membership of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  This U.K. based organisation is the national register for therapists who are allowed to work in medical environments and in the National Health Service.

Now we don’t have an equivalent organisation in Ireland at this time, but by having membership of the CNHC you’ll be able to demonstrate to doctors, dentists and other medical professionals that YOU are able to work alongside them in a medical setting.

Hypnotherapy Accreditation and Supervision

Hypnotherapy Business Academy is also a recognised accrediting body in Europe. Part of the process of becoming an accrediting training body is undertaking a commitment to provide professional supervision to our graduates. This is very different from the peer-to-peer support or mentoring offered by other hypnotherapy training schools. 

We offer cross-discipline, one-to-one supervision with fully accredited psychotherapists to ensure you can continue to grow in your own professional practice. Supervision at this time is optional but highly recommended. We will discuss how supervision can help you manage a busy caseload when you join us on the Double Diploma course.

Hypnotherapy Accreditation and Professional Insurance

We also offer you competitive professional indemnity insurance through our group scheme with Balens Insurance. You’ll be eligible for student insurance as soon as you start training with us and you’ll be entitled to full practitioner insurance as soon as you graduate.

BUYER BEWARE:  If a course is less than 120 hours of classroom-based training >> Guess What?

Then it isn’t fully accredited.  The diplomas issued on the back of it are what Donald Trump calls FAKE NEWS!  Beware of cheaper, shorter courses claiming to be Diploma Courses – they don’t meet the required standard. Hypnotherapy Accreditation is essential if you want to work as a professional, fee paid hypnotherapist. Our Triple Diploma course is fully accredited and meets strict standards laid down by governing bodies such as the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the GHC. You’ll receive a minimum of 120 hours of live, face to face training – either in person or live online. Pre-recorded modules do not count as face-to-face or live training.

Booking Supervision

Most supervision is now offered online. Below are three IACP accredited psychotherapists who are fully trained hypnotherapists and who offer supervision.

Supervisors Contact Details

Call Catherine McNamara: 086 382 2033

You can visit Liam Cannon’s website at NEW DAWN COUNSELLING.

You can visit Denis O’Connor’s website at NEW VISION COUNSELLING.

or email Liam at


or Denis at