Are you thinking of taking a psychotherapy course this year?

If you are thinking of applying for a counselling or psychotherapy course, STOP! There are 8 great reasons to consider learning hypnotherapy first. We asked some of the many psychotherapists who have taken our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching for their opinion and here’s what they had to say.

#1 Getting Accredited as a Hypnotherapist is Quicker

Getting accredited and qualified as a professional Hypnotherapist and a Mind Coach only takes one academic year. This means it’s much quicker than getting accredited in psychotherapy or counselling.

#2 You Can Start Earning Faster

A student Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach can start seeing and charging a small fee for case studies after taking just three modules. Of course you’ll be limited to the cases you can work with and you must have student insurance in place. But the small fee from paid clients helps to meet the cost of learning hypnotherapy.

#3 Avoid Income Insecurity

On the Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching course will encourage you to recognise the value in your services and to get into the habit of charging (even just a small fee at first) for your services. One of the biggest issues graduates from a counselling or psychotherapy course face is the difficulty around charging clients after doing so much case study work. Learning Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching first means you can still earn something from your therapy skills while you undertake voluntary psychotherapy sessions.

#4 You Only Need a Few Clients Per Month to Pay for Your Psychotherapy Course

If you offer Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching services for just two or three days per month, you’ll earn enough to help pay the tuition fees for your counselling or psychotherapy course. Plus it will help meet travel expenses for voluntary work and for your lengthy supervision sessions.

#5 Hypnotherapy – Empowering You To Feel Effective

Hypnotherapy is considered to be the original Positive Psychology. In hypnotherapy, we shift focus from what is wrong with you to what is right with you. Therefore it’s a very positive form of therapy and an empowering way to start your counselling career. Plus while you are learning counselling skills on your counselling course you are doing what you love – helping others.

Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace

#6 Increase or Reduce Your Clients Quickly and Easily

Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy are brief solution-focused therapies. Therefore you quickly reduce the number of clients you are seeing as the workload on your counselling course increases.

#7 Trance Free Hypnosis To Reach More Clients

Mind Coaching is very practical. Most trainee counsellors and psychotherapists love it because it doesn’t involve hypnosis or having to put people into trance. Plus it’s mostly eyes open, thinking and doing work that your clients will love!

#8 101 Therapy Interventions In Your Pocket

Watch the Video to See How You Too Can Have 101 Therapy Interventions In Your Pocket

Not only that, but if you decide to learn Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching before you take a counselling course, you’ll also get access to 101 Therapy Interventions conveniently located on your phone. This means you’ll never be stuck for something practical and effective to do with your clients.

#9 Last but not least > Supervision Matters

Hypnotherapy Supervision is available (and optional) through our two IACP members and fully accredited supervisors Denis and Liam. But unlike counselling supervision, hypnotherapy supervision is still optional. That said, we actively encourage all of our graduates to avail of supervision when they are working with clients.

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