Hypnotherapy Course Reviews and Testimonials from some great hypnotherapy course graduates

Our Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy is successful because our great students make it so!

Jim Sheehy from human

They bring a fantastic energy to each module. They watch each demonstration attentively, ask all the right questions and are never afraid to roll their sleeves up and to get busy helping their course colleagues with case studies. Many are already seasoned therapists, such as Jim Sheehy. Others have absolutely no experience in therapy whatsoever. Our ‘no student gets left behind’ policy makes sure that the learning style of each student is catered for.

Every year I continue to be so impressed as I watch them start out a little nervous and apprehensive. Then by the end of day one, I see the first signs of confidence as they begin to believe that they can do it! By the end of module three, they have already completed a couple of case studies and they are confident about testing their therapy to help their clients get the outcome they desire. Here’s a short selection of testimonials and reviews from our Facebook page and our What’s App group.

Susan Wallace, the Teaching Therapist and Principal of Hypnotherapy Business Academy.
Hypnotherapy review from Mia Sera Magan
Hypnotherapy course reviews from Susan Wallace's students
Hypnotherapy review from Barbara

We don’t ask for hypnotherapy course reviews without giving something back. In fact we provide free training to all our students and graduates on how to develop a client referral system within their therapy practice so that their clients speak highly of the great experience they have had with our graduates. In fact, you can watch a full free training on the Emotional Journey each person takes then they enroll on a course or when they book therapy or mind coaching with a professional therapist.

Warm Thanks to All My Graduates

Our connections don’t stop when my students graduate. They go on to build their own successful full-time and part-time practices. You can read some of their success stories and the career opportunities in hypnotherapy in this article HERE.

We hope you enjoyed this hypnotherapy course reviews and if you would like to contact some of our featured and professionally trained therapists please visit our page HERE.