Hypnotherapy for Cancer Treatment Support

This hypnotherapy session is created for anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis or is undergoing cancer treatment or is pre or post-surgery or is in recovery.

Listen To The Instructions Carefully

The instructions to prepare for the hypnotherapy session for cancer support last for eight minutes. However, it is vitally important you listen to the rules to ensure you stay safe during the hypnotherapy session and maximise the benefits from it.

Worry, Fear and Anxiety Around Cancer and Cancer Treatment

If you know anyone who is worried, fearful, anxious or stressed because of cancer, please share this video with them. A cancer diagnosis can leave people feeling powerless as they hand their health over to professionals but there is something we can all do.

We Can Control Important Things With Hypnosis, Our Imagination and Hypnotic Suggestion

We can control the levels of tension, relaxation, fear or calmness we experience in our nervous system, our brains and our bodies. This hypnosis for cancer session will help you take control over those important things you can control. It welcomes healing relaxation and the benefits that come from creating what Benson describes as a ‘relaxation response’ in the body. Listen to it often. Created with love from Susan at https://www.hypnosisacademy.ie/

I Don’t Speak About Cancer. I Speak About Inviting Healing and Relaxation, Therefore Everyone Can Benefit From It

Because all of the suggestions in this hypnotherapy session are positive and centred on two words — healing and relaxation, it means that this recording can be listened to by anyone who is feeling anyway worried, anxious or concerned about their health and wishes to take a more active role in restoring their health and wellness. This is one of my free hypnotherapy scripts for cancer. Please feel free to share it with someone who is anxious about their health.