Hypnotherapy Model is Broken

The hypnotherapy model is broken and as a result there have been times I’ve felt like an abject failure as a hypnotherapist because I the training that is required to offer long term hypnotherapy support to clients wasn’t available. We have become too dependent on what I call the Revolving Door model of hypnotherapy. In this video we take a deep dive into the different models and why you need to have a flexible and fluid approach and welcome both short term and long term clients into your hypnotherapy practice.

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Restore The Balance in Your Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy or Coaching Practice

Welcome a wider range of clients. Those whose problems respond well to your fast, solution focused hypnotherapy and those who require a slower, deeper, more insightful and understanding approach. People who want to build up a relationship with someone.

In Hollywood your hear actors talk about ‘my therapist‘ because they have built up a long term relationship with someone who ‘gets them‘ like no one else does.

Susan Wallace, Relationship and Attachment Trauma talk, London 2023.
Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis with Susan Wallace

Reactivation of Core Wounds

Those of us with an insecure attachment style will have what we call core wounds and enduring vulnerabilities. This are often activated when we are in contact with members of our family or when other people do things that subconsciously trigger our enduring vulnerabilities.

It Would Be Great If Our Clients Had a Romantic Partner That Understood This

But the truth is our partners, our best friends, our children and our work colleagues don’t have the psychological training to understand or to support us. They will offer advice and tips but what our cleints really want is for someone to listen, understand and help them to make sense of their feelings and responses to challenges in life.

We use emotion focused hypnotherapy to help them do this and then we use hypnotic suggestion to help them achieve their goals for the week.