Watch Susan Wallace perform a full session of hypnotherapy with a real client during the Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching.

In this session you’ll meet my client Susan. Susan was learning hypnotherapy on our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. As part of the course, I demonstrate on my students and help them overcome their own personal challlenges.

Driving Phobia

In this case Susan presented with a driving phobia that caused her to feel anxious and nervous when she was driving. In particular she wanted to be able to come out into a solid wall of traffic. She wanted to assert herself and get out into the busy junction.

On the Double Diploma course use what I call the Master Session Template. This is a structure for a therapy session that helps to keep the therapist focused on delivering a result or finding a solution.

Case History and the Symptom Set

Before we started filming I took a full case history. This was divided into two parts. First I looked at the source of the problem. We went deep into the events that had caused her to feel anxious and nervous behind the wheel. I discovered the first driving event that caused her to panic and made her sensitive to driving (initial sensitising event). Then we looked at subsequent events that causes her to believe that she wasn’t safe behind the wheel (subsequent sensitising events).

Regression Isn’t Suitable for a First Session with a New Client

I was aware that regression hypnotherapy might be useful for Susan but this was her first session and regression hypnotherapy would be too much too soon for a new client.

If, IF, regression was needed (it wasn’t) that was something I could do in the second or third session but certainly not session number one. Instead I choose to use a very powerful pattern elimination technique we have nicknamed The Cloud.

I find that this powerful hypnotherapy intervention is often strong enough to shift even deeply engrained phobias and limiting beliefs.

Every Journey Has a Start, Middle and End

Watch the video and you’ll see how thorough this intervention is. To make it a useful learning experience and to help you develop your own therapy skills find the answers to the following questions in the video.

How did I amplify suggestibility and obtain eye closure?

  • What induction did I use?
  • How did I deepen the experience?
  • What do I encourage Susan to put in the cloud?
  • What anchor do I give Susan?
  • How did I use her name as an affirmation?

As you know any phobia is a combination of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that keep our clients stuck. Those thoughts, feelings and behaviours in turn cause limiting beliefs. Until these are removed our clients will struggle to change.

Removing the Mental Virus and Re-programming the Mental Hard Drive

When clients present with a phobia, it’s as if there is a faulty programme or a piece of malware installed on their mental hard-drive. The Cloud Intervention is a way to remove that virus from their brain and give the therapist the opportunity to re-programme their mind to think, feel and act more appropriately when faced with triggers or stressors.

Permissive to Directive to Conversational Hypnotherapy

Notice how I interchange from a permissive approach to a very directive approach and then drop back into a conversational hypnosis style as the session develops.