Hypnotherapy Training and Life Coaching Course in London

We offer a triple diploma course that is designed to give you solution-focused coaching and therapy skills so you can build a sustainable therapy practice that you will love!

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy 
  • Diploma in Mind Coaching
  • Diploma in Online Therapy

Join our Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching course in September and learn the tools Marissa Peer and Tony Robbins use to get great results FAST.

It doesn’t matter whether you have no therapy experience or whether you have tons, our learning styles methodology ensures no student gets left behind.

Conveniently located in Roehampton University, London

We run our courses on campus in Roehampton University in London and also in Dublin and Limerick in Ireland.

90 hours in-person Advanced Hypnotherapy training
30 hours online Mind Coaching session and Online Therapy Training

Simple Easy to Follow Format >> 10 Weekends >> 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists

101 Therapy Interventions put on your phone so you can access the best scripts when you need them most!

Become the most flexible and client-focused therapist you can be!

Over 10 Deeply Engaging Saturdays You’ll Learn the 10 Tools Used By The World’s Most Talented Coaches and Therapists

Here’s what we cover when we meet live in the classroom. Each Saturday is jam-packed with demonstrations, discussions and lots of practice of techniques. This is the solutions focused and results orientated training at its best!

#1 Access the Control Centre of the Mind

Become skilled in the most highly effective hypnotherapy inductions. You’ll learn passive, authoritarian, medical and rapid inductions. Plus you’ll learn a system to access the creative unconscious that works with every client regardless of whether they are hard to hypnotise, visual, analytical or kinaesthetic or an empath.

#2 Ask Revealing Questions

Learning how to ask questions ‘the right way’ will build rapport between you and your client. Obtaining the right information will boost your confidence. Get your client focused on a positive outcome and get you ready to deliver great therapy.

#3 Unlock Your Personal Power with the Three Master Keys

Learn the 3 Master Key Interventions. They highly flexible interventions help erase deeply entrenched beliefs and attitudes that might otherwise stop your clients from getting the best from their hypnotherapy experience.

#4 Transform Fear and Anxiety

Learn the step-by-step way to help your clients to manage anxiety, stress and phobias. You will learn desensitisation, dissociation and association techniques, spinning, anchors and triggers and much, much more. Plus you’ll also breakthrough your own fears and limitations so you can become the best therapist you can be.

#5 Reframe the Past with Regression Therapy

Regression hypnotherapy will show you how to guide your client through the painful experience of the past. You clients will be able to release the strong emotions that are keeping them stuck. Plus, when you learn how to harness the power of the past your clients will discover that they can tap into a wealth of hidden resources to help them better manage their present problems.

#6 Restructure Thinking and End Self Sabotage

Discover how to use Parts Therapy end self sabotage. You will harness the power of positive intention to overcome internal resistance. You will have a system to counteract self-sabotage and failure mentality for once and for all. Plus your clients will be equipped to achieve long-lasting success.

#7 Develop Positive Patterns of Action with NLP

NLP provides us with wonderful therapeutic interventions without the need to go into a trance. On this module you will learn the most effective NLP mind coaching techniques and how to incorporate them into the hypnotherapy and mind coaching framework.

#8 Manage Willpower and Surf the Urge

To get long-term success with your clients it’s important you know exactly how to help them manage their willpower challenges. Surf the Urge will show you how to prevent relapse and give your clients mastery and control over what once were unbreakable habits.

#9 Buffer Against Depression with Positive Psychology

Positive psychology techniques can build resilience so that when we face difficult times we are better equipped to face our troubles and overcome them. You’ll learn eight powerful interventions that will act as a buffer against depression and develop a growth based optimistic outlook on life.

#10 Manifest Abundance and Prosperity

Learn how to ‘flick the switch’ from poverty to prosperity based thinking and welcome unlimited abundance and prosperity into your life and the lives of your clients. This module will help realise that your biggest expense is the money you’re not making. It will energise you and inspire you to set up your practice and deliver your best work to your clients.


Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching Professionally Printed and Academically Researched course books by Susan Wallace
Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching Professionally Printed and Academically Researched course books by Susan Wallace

Plus 30 One hour Mind Coaching Sessions and Online Therapy Training our online classroom

You’ll also receive thirty, one hour coaching and therapy sessions in our online classroom. This means you won’t have to book overnight accommodation to obtain the necessary 120 hours of classroom-based training. Instead you can join Susan live online from the comfort of your home. If you cannot attend the live sessions online Susan will post everything in our members area for you enjoy in your own time.

Reserve your place with a refundable deposit

Reserving your place is safe, simple and secure.  A deposit of €175 or £175 will secure your place.  Your deposit is safe and will be refunded in full if you are unable to attend.  Simply give us 48 hours notice so we can give your place to someone else. 

Premium Training with the Premium Price Tag

The full cost of the course is €1,750 or £1,750. This includes:

  • 10 days of in-person training classes
  • 30 hours of online therapy training classes
  • Step-by-step support to build a successful therapy practice
  • Individual support to help you launch your therapy practice while you are learning
  • Lifetime access to our member’s area
  • Lifetime access to 101 Therapy Interventions for Busy Therapists
  • Lifetime access to the Past Life Regression course
  • Lifetime access to the Hypno Gastric Band course
  • Free marketing advice and videos to help you create business cards, brochures and social media campaigns
  • Whats App support and social group to build your network of colleagues
  • Three Personal Clarity Calls with Susan to help you tailor the course to meet your personal or professional goals.
  • A Dropbox filled with all the client forms, handouts, legal requirements and business systems you need so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Pay As You Go Makes Learning Easy

You don’t have to pay for everything at once. Simply pay a deposit of €175 or £175 now and then pay £175 or €175 for the first nine out of the ten modules.  You can pay by cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card or by PayPal – the choice is yours.

Earn While You Learn is Encouraged

Susan will encourage you to start seeing fee-paid case study clients after the third module. You’ll be given all the practical help, scripts, session outlines and support you need to step out of your comfort zone and to start working as a professional therapist before you graduate. You’ll be fully insured and competent to do this work under Susan’s guidance.

Plus, if you haven’t yet found the courage to launch your therapy practice or if you’re struggling to grow a successful one, then Susan will give you all therapy systems and practice management skills you need to take your therapy skills to the next level.

Book Now to Secure our Early Bird Offer!

Get Four of our Best Selling Online Courses worth £1,995 completely free of charge!

Reserve your place now and you’ll qualify for our bumper early bird offer which includes the following four online courses completely free of charge.

Four early bird free hypnotherapy courses with Susan Wallace.
Four early bird free hypnotherapy courses with Susan Wallace.


You’ll be encouraged to launch your hypnotherapy practice after Christmas and get paid to help clients with their New Year’s Resolutions. But if you don’t want to – that’s ok too!

Susan will give you all the scripts and mp3’s you need to deliver therapy for weight loss, confidence and quitting smoking or vaping.  Each package is worth a minimum of £250 or up to £495 for smoking cessation.

AWARD: Triple Certificate in Weight Loss, Confidence and Smoking Cessation.


Would you know what to do if one of your clients slipped int a past life regression? On this course, Susan will show you how to help your clients gain therapeutic benefits from past life experiences. You’ll learn the six essential questions that bring closure on difficult to shift problems.  

You will also learn how to help your clients travel outside of time and experience their future best self.

AWARD: Certificate in Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Therapy


Learn how to deliver highly popular HYPNO GASTRIC BAND WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGES. You will learn how to deliver eight highly effective weight loss sessions of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.  Included in this course is a backing track of the actual trip to virtual surgery and all the sounds of the Hypno Gastric Band surgery. You will also get the license to use the Hypno Gastric Band Workbook in your own client workshops.  Plus you’ll learn how to deliver a great Hypno Gastric Band workshop to boost your profile and fill your practice with great weight loss clients.

AWARD:  Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner Certificate


On this three-part video course, you’ll learn how to use marketing psychology to communicate your value to your potential clients.  Having a clear message that energises and inspires people to book therapy with YOU is key to filling your appointment diary with great clients.

AWARD:  Certificate in Marketing for Therapists

You’ll get access to 101 Therapy Interventions for Busy Therapists as part of your training bundle plus unlimited access to our online members’ area and a vast selection of therapy sessions on video and mp3

Graduate with three fully accredited, internationally recognised Diplomas

1. Diploma in Hypnotherapy
2. Diploma in Mind Coaching
3. Diploma in Online Therapy


Welcome pack contents include four eye fixation prints, two pendulums and Susan' Wallace's book
Welcome pack contents include four eye fixation prints, two pendulums and Susan’ Wallace’s book The Millionaire Therapist

Susan will email you to confirm your place. We will also post out a welcome pack that includes the following:

  • Two crystal pendulums (you’ll learn a CBT technique for them increases suggestibility to hypnosis during the course
  • Four eye fixation prints, ready to frame for your office (you’ll also learn how to use them during class).
  • A digital copy of Susan’s book The Millionaire Therapist.

Book now to secure the Online Bonus Courses and the Welcome Pack

This Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy course will Help You Build a Lifestyle Friendly Coaching and Therapy Practice that you will LOVE!

The Trance Free Version of Hypnotherapy is called ‘Mind Coaching’

Here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy we recognise that you may not be comfortable with the concept of ‘trance’ so we will teach you the non-trance version of hypnosis called Mind Coaching.  Mind Coaching is comprised of the best techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy (REBT), Gestalt Therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EDR) to ensure you can deliver results FAST to your clients.

Did you know… We include Body Based Inductions?

  • Imagine how good it would feel if you could help someone experiencing high anxiety or a panic attack to drop into a deeply relaxed state?
  • Imagine how beneficial it would be if they could learn how to do that for themselves?
  • How quickly would therapy progress?

You’ll be able to teach your clients exactly how to do that with our extensive training in rapid relaxation and our non-verbal bodywork inductions.

Accreditation and Graduation

The course is fully accredited and internationally recognised. All students are eligible to join our group insurance scheme with Balens.  Membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council and Hypnotherapy Business Association are pre-approved for all students and graduates.  Thus giving you access to the best respected and established associations in Europe.

Your Commitment To Show Up and Take your Therapy Practice to the Next Level

With so much on offer you might be thinking that you’ll have a LOT of homework and assignments to do. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Everything you need to do and to practice and to learn is done during class on the Saturday. The Sunday is Reading Day and you will be working from the comfort of your own home. Every week Susan will invite you to join her online for one hour to help you learn how to offer Mind Coaching session and Online Therapy sessions to your clients.