Hypnotherapy Training FAQ

But Susan! Here are some hypnotherapy training frequently asked questions, answered honestly and openly for you

But Susan, Three Diplomas sounds like a LOT of work, tons of study and case studies. I don’t want to commit to that.

A lot of medical professionals, counsellors and psychotherapists attend this course and they too don’t want to do case studies and assignments. So everything that needs to be done, gets done when we are in class. This means no assignments, no homework and no external studies or case studies.

Also it’s worth noting that we don’t do an open book exam at the end of the year like other colleges. That’s a waste of your time. Instead we hold round table discussions on the learning outcomes for the course. This approach means that you build your own code of conduct that dovetails in with our code of ethics.

But Susan, I don’t want to work with clients online. I hate / fear / or am useless with technology.

I understand that. You don’t have to work online. The skills you will learn can be used with one-to-one clients and groups whether they are in-person or online. One of the reasons why I want you to be comfortable working online is this: If you can’t show up for work for whatever reason you will still be able to take care of your clients and keep them moving forward. There are many benefits to working online. Even if it’s just occasionally. You might want to take time off to care for someone or for yourself. You might want to travel to the other side of the world to spend time with family or to enjoy holiday of a lifetime. Or you want to have a recurring income by running an online course so you can ease off the one-to-ones in due course.

The thing is, we don’t know what’s around the corner so it will feel good to know it’s something you can do if circumstances change in the future. No pressure – just preparation that takes care of your long term success.

But Susan, what if COVID-19 restrictions are put in place again?

That is a possibility for sure. That’s why I’ve divided the course into two parts. Part 1. Earn a Foundation Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching between now and Christmas. Then if everything is ok with the world we can carry on interrupted into the rest of the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy. If there are restrictions, then we have options – continue online until restrictions are lifted. One thing is for certain, if there are restrictions you won’t have to pay extra to get online training during lockdown nor to attend the live classes when lockdown is lifted.

But Susan, can you really hypnotise people online? What if they go into a trance and you lose the connection?

You can hypnotise people online – but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. I’ll show you how to coach and provide therapy to people online safely and securely. I’ll show you want techniques to avoid and what works well. I’ll explain why online works best for some challenges and how it will help your clients go deeper into the therapy process when they are with you in person.

But Susan, is the Triple Diploma course accredited?

Yes the course is fully accredited and recognised in Ireland, the UK, Europe and in all countries around the world where hypnotherapy is accepted.

But Susan, do I have to undertake supervision?

Supervision for hypnotherapy is optional and voluntary so you don’t have to do it. That said, once you are seeing clients on a regular basis, supervision will help you stay grounded and develop your skills as a therapist.

This Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy leads to a Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy