Most people who decide to see a therapist do so because they are saying ‘hypnotise me’. I want to change. I’m feeling stuck and I can’t do it by myself.

However, instead of saying ‘hypnotize me!’ perhaps our clients should say ‘de-hypnotise me!’.

You see in many ways we are already stuck in a trance.  When we want to change we find it hard because we are stuck in a repeating pattern that we are unable to break free from.  A pattern of repeating thoughts and unhelpful behaviours that leave us feeling helpless and stuck.

In many ways, our job as therapists is to de-hypnotise people.  Let me show you what I mean.

Think of a Problem You’d Like To Help Solve in Therapy…

Any problem at all, and keep it in the front of your mind as you read this article.

Because no matter what problems your clients face, you’ll still need to take them through the following ten processes.  These are the 10 Tools I teach on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. If you watch famous therapists like Marissa Peer, Tony Robbins or Paul McKenna at work you’ll see they take their clients through these processes – but none of them actually teach you all ten!

Ok, so let’s get back to that client problem you want to help solve. Keep that problem in mind and let’s look at how the 10 Tools works…

1. Access the Control Centre of the Mind

The first thing you’ll have to do is to access the control centre of your clients’ mind.  We have to work on the same level where your clients repeating thought patterns, behaviours and unhelpful beliefs are stored . That is the subconscious level.

2. Ask Revealing Questions

Great therapy starts the moment you start asking great questions. Asking the right questions will help your client understand how their problem started and what sustains it.  Great questions also help clients move from a problem-based mindset towards a solution-focused mindset. Asking the right questions will help you and your client map out the steps on the therapeutic journey they need to take. The rest of the 10 Tools will teach them what they need to do to get there.

3. Unlock Power with the Three Master Keys

Your client now knows where they want to go and how they want to think, feel and act when they get there. The next thing you’ll want to do is to help them unlock their personal power.  There are three very powerful interventions you can use to boost self-confidence and self-belief that they can do this!  But most importantly of all, these interventions begin the process of shifting limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck.

4. Transform Fear and Anxiety

Now that progress is being made, your clients will be ready to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves by taking the first step they have mapped out on their journey.  Of course, when they step out of their comfort zone, they’re going to feel a certain amount of fear and anxiety.  This module gives your clients the tools they need to face their fears and overcome any feelings of anxiety they may have. This will help them push through the problem and discover their growing edge. 

5. Reframe the Past with Regression Therapy

By now your clients are making great progress. But sometimes they have to look back to see further ahead.  There are many challenges we face in life that are hard to overcome – often because they started early in life.  This module shows you how to deliver a single session of regression therapy that creates a powerful reframing experience for your clients. They will begin to move from feeling like an unfortunate victim into accepting they are an ingenious survivor – with the skills they need to push past this challenge too.

6. Restructure Thinking and End Self Sabotage

When we want to make changes in our life, all too often, we get in our own way. That internal nagging voice – that inner critic – will keep your clients in their comfort zone, even if their comfort zone isn’t the best place to be. 

This module will give you the skills you need to teach your clients how to end self-sabotage and how to push through self-doubt and overcome any obstacles, fears or frustration that might stand in their way.

7. Develop Positive Patterns of Action with NLP

Our problems and our goals are communicated to our subconscious mind through our senses. We see pictures, listen to the internal voice and connect with feelings in our body. 

NLP will give your client the skills they need to change those pictures, change the internal voice and influence those feelings so they work for them and not against them.

8. Manage Willpower and Surf The Urge

lients can get caught up in and feel overwhelmed by the busy-ness of life.  It can be so hard for them to prioritise their own needs over the needs of others they care about. But to achieve lasting success, they need time on a daily basis to get grounded, rebalance and renew their focus.  They need to be able to Surf the Urge to give up, give in or give out!

This module will give you the skills to help your clients stay on top of it all when they need help the most.

9. Buffer Against Depression with Positive Psychology

Having an optimistic and growth based mindset can help your clients achieve lasting success. Not just success over the challenge they presented in therapy, but lasting feelings of success and fulfilment in all areas of their life.  Now as a therapist you can’t give them these things but you can give them the tools they need to create the solution-focused mindset they need to be the best, have the best and give their best.

10.  Manifest Abundance and Prosperity

People say we live in an abundant universe and when we look up at the night sky it certainly seems that way. Yet so many of our clients feel they live in a place of lack, want and poverty. Despite their material possessions, many feel they lack love, friendship, connections and support. 

This module will show you how to take your clients through a process so they can ‘flick the switch’ from a poverty based mindset into an abundance based mindset.  They can learn how to ‘let go to grow’ and develop a readiness to be ‘lucky’ in their love, work, social and home life.

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Thanks for reading Hypnotize Me! De-Hypnotize Me! No matter whether you think you need to be hypnotised or de-programmed this course will work for you. The 10 Tools Used By Talented Therapists will give you all the skills you need to answer your clients demands to

Hypnotize Me! or De-Hypnotize Me!

Happy Hypnotising!