It’s true! IICP course graduates love our free online therapy school and short Master Classes. It’s a great way to get great CPD for free. But don’t take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials from IICP course graduates, PCI College graduates, IACP members and many more graduates.

As a psychotherapist and owner of I find therapy school podcasts are an enjoyable way to become more confident, inspired and effective in your therapy practice.

Jim Sheehy

Here’s an example of the kind of short online training we offer therapists and IICP course gradautes. If you enjoy this training please share it with your friends and colleagues and don’t forget to sign-up for free weekly videos and podcasts.

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Therapy School Podcast Episodes

You can look forward to receiving one of the following Therapy School podcast episodes every week.


  • Confidence for Therapists
  • Think of a Client Problem… Any Problem At All and Let Me Show You How To Solve It in LESS Than Ten Steps
  • Learning Rapid Relaxation Skills and Why You NEED This Skill
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Find Your Growing Edge
  • Do You Need To Be De-Hypnotised?
  • Self Sabotage – Why Some Therapists Don’t Succeed
  • Simply Do These TWO Things To Be a Successful Therapist
  • The Story Behind Our Brand – What’s Your Story?
  • The New Therapy That Will Change Your Life Forever!
  • A, B, C – Remastering Your Alphabet For Success
  • Hypno Gastric Band – Crazy Stuff or A Sensible Alternative To Surgery?
  • Online Therapy – Baby Steps for Therapists Terrified of Technology
  • The Heart Centred Therapist v The Profit Centred Business Owner

#2 Grow Your Therapy Practice

  • Free Consultation – The Hidden Sabotage That Turns Away Clients
  • 3 Things That Help Clients Become Unstuck
  • The Beginners Guide To Starting a Successful Therapy Practice
  • The Advanced Guide To Building a Successful Therapy
  • 5 Things You Must NEVER say to a client
  • The Massive Mistake Most Trainee Therapists Make (that stop them earning their fees back during training)
  • Do This ONE Thing and You’ll Get Endless Referrals
  • Lessons From a Toddler To Help You Get Comfortable Charging Fees
  • You’ll Never Have To Sell Yourself If You Do This ONE Thing
  • Money Beliefs and Strategic Pricing For Therapists
  • Before Taking Counselling and Psychotherapy Courses You Need To Know What’s Your Super Power!

#3 Manage Your Therapy Practice

  • The Two Things You MUST Know When Starting a Therapy Business
  • The Importance of a Contract in Therapy and Mind Coaching
  • 5 Reasons WHY Clients Fail and 5 Things YOU Can Do To Help Today
  • The Anatomy of a GREAT Therapy Session
  • 6 Reasons to Use Therapeutic Stories
  • Do You TEST Your Therapy To Make Sure Your Clients Are Happy With Progress?
  • What’s Your Therapy Super Power?  I know you have one!
  • Marissa Peer and Tony Robbins – What They Did That You Did Not!
  • Getting Referrals from your local G.P.’s Made Easy

#4 See The Bigger Picture

  • The Massive Change in the Health and Wellness Sector and How It Will Affect All Therapists
  • Great Therapists Aren’t Born They Are Made
  • Why Medical Professionals Use Hypnosis in Emergency Settings
  • Why Athletes Need Hypnosis
  • Why Parents Need Hypnosis
  • Famous People Who Have Used Hypnosis
  • NLP and Hypnotherapy – The BIG Difference and WHY it matters
  • Hypnotherapy Training or Counselling Training – Which One First?
  • Get Eligible to Work in a Medical Setting with Medical Professionals

#5 Therapy Tutorials

  • Hypnosis – The Original Positive Psychology
  • The Rules That Govern Change Work
  • The Ultimate Therapy Affirmation – And Why Every Child, Sports Person (and therapist) Should Use It!
  • Hypnotherapy – Dispelling the Myths
  • What Language Do Your Clients Speak? (I’m not talking about English, Irish or Polish)
  • Energy – The Forgotten Language In Therapy
  • Trance Free Hypnosis
  • Therapy, Mind Coaching and the Fish Metaphor – Stress Free Therapy
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Phobias But Were Afraid To Ask
  • How Therapists Disempower Depressed Clients and What You Can Do To Empower Them
  • 8 Thinking Processes That Will Ruin Your Counselling Career
  • 5 Questions To Ask Before Booking Counselling Courses or Psychotherapy Courses or NLP Courses   

#6 Stuff No Other Therapy Trainer Would Tell You (or Give You)

  • What Do Your Clients Really Want Because They Don’t Want Therapy
  • Why YOU are the WORST boss ever (and why I wouldn’t work for you!)
  • 101 Therapy Interventions In Your Pocket (I did the hard work so you don’t have to)
  • Scarcity v Abundance Mentality – Lessons for Therapists and for Clients
  • Let’s Have the ‘TALK’. It’s time to learn the facts of life that drive a successful therapy practice
  • Past Life Regression – WHY you MUST know how to handle it (even if you think it’s poppycock!)
  • Are You a Band Aid Therapist?
  • When Feelings Matter and When They Don’t
  • STOP Telling Yourself This TODAY If You Want To Be Successful
  • Self Reflection – Unlock Your Inner Guru
  • Time Travel Is Possible!  I’ve Been To The Future and You Were There With Me!
  • Prosperity Plan – Let’s Sketch Out Your Future Now!
  • Why I FUTURE PROOF My Graduates Qualifications (Even though I don’t have to)
  • The Self Care Process for Heart Centred Therapists

IICP Student and Graduate Testimonials and Feedback

Every year we welcome students and graduates from IICP courses, PCI courses, Griffith College, Kingstown College, DBS and many more counselling and psychotherapy courses to our Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. They find learning hypnotherapy and mind coaching enhances the therapeutic relationship because hypnotherapy and mind coaching are solutions focused action-based therapy.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

You Don’t Need To Be an IICP Course Graduate to Learn With Us!

A lot of people who want to train to be a counsellor or psychotherapist decide to learn hypnotherapy with us first. Here’s why they said it was a good idea to learn hypnotherapy first.

  1. Getting accredited in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching is quicker than getting accreditation in counselling or psychotherapy.
  2. Being qualified as a hypnotherapist and mind coach means that you can start seeing fee-paid clients faster.
  3. Having an income from hypnotherapy and mind coaching helps pay tuition fees for IICP, PCI, Griffith College, Kingstown College courses and for any required supervision sessions.
  4. Hypnotherapy is considered the original Positive Psychology. Therefore it’s a very positive form of therapy and an empowering way to start your therapy career.
  5. Mind Coaching is very practical. Most trainee counsellors and psychotherapists love it because it doesn’t involve hypnosis or having to put people into trance.

Would a Double Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching help you achieve your dreams?

It only takes ten modules to become a fully accredited Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach. Courses start on campus in the Marino Institute in Dublin, NUI Galway and University of Limerick every September.

If You Had 101 Therapy Interventions On Your Phone, Would It Make It Easier For You To Support Your Clients?

All of our Double Diploma Students Get Access to Our Members Library PLUS 101 Therapy Interventions they can access from their smart phone or tablet