Introverts Make Great Therapists Too

You know you don’t need to have an ‘outgoing’ personality or to ‘sell yourself’ to help people in your community. 

Even if you are painfully shy – like I was when I first started my coaching and therapy career – you can still make a massive difference by making therapy products.

You can take the skills you learn on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy and the free bonus online course you get called 101 Therapy Interventions for Busy Coaches and Therapists and create your own ‘therapy products’.

Here’s How You Can Help With a Smartphone and a Script

For example, when the pandemic started in March I recorded this Corona Virus therapy session and over four thousand people have requested it by email, and it’s been shared over two hundred times by people via Whats App and viewed on Facebook over six thousand times.  I didn’t promote it – I just put it out there with one goal – to help people manage anxiety and worry. You can still it in on Facebook.

Or you can view it on my blog here – this is where I explain that I’m not hypnotising you but together we are working to convince your mind and body that it will stay healthy and strong.

Mindset is Key

One of the hardest parts of creating a free (or paid) therapy product is managing the Ego. When Ego gets in the way you’ll find yourself stressing about how you look, how you sound and your self-image. Negative self talk can easily get the better of you – unless you remember WHY you are making it in the first place. So you can see I was having a bad hair day but I didn’t allow my hair to get the better of me. I was inspired to help, I didn’t want to lose the moment or get sidetracked by distractions by spending hours in front of the mirror. Basically my Ego had to take a back seat.

If you are an introvert and if you have your own negative internal dialogue, then don’t worry. I can show you how you can still be a great therapist and share your value and experience to hundreds and thousands without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.